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Phd student

Supervised (doctoral) theses

Initial Supervision

Lena Wittenfeld A Theorization of Feminist Foreign Policy (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Ragna Verhoeven The Tension between the Connective and Conflictual in Democracy (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Stefan Rohrhirsch Environmentality. On the Critique of Environmental Reason (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Vanessa Ullrich Desire’s Comeback in Political Movements: Rethinking Desire as a Force in Political Transformation (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Emre Cakirdiken Political Trends in Transformation: The Rise of Populism and the Future of Democracy (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Susanne Katharina Boehm Critique, Self-Determination, and the Challenge of Change. A Project of the Women's Health Movement in Historical-Sociological Inquiry (University of Bielefeld) Completed 07/22
Simon Duncker The Modern Order of Freedom unto Death (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Kristoffer Klement The Ideologies of Systems. Perspectives of a System-Theoretical Ideology Critique following Niklas Luhmann (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Luca Sagnotti The Role of the Concept of the State in Recent Political Thought (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Aristeides Myriskos From Inclusive to Equal European Public Spheres. Bringing the Theories of Feminism and Agonistic Pluralism Back In (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Gerrit Tiefenthal Truth and Power – The Political in Paul Feyerabend (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Mohadeseh Zare Bidaki Islam and Altermodernity: The Political Subjectification of Revolts in Islamic Contexts (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Björn Thies Co-Group Democracy-Democracy (University of Hannover) Completed 11/2010


Second Supervision

Samia Mohammed Beyond Un/Dependence: Freedom in a World of Contradictions (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Dorothee Grünholz The Sense and Nonsense of Economic Security - Power Comparisons in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom (University of Bielefeld) Ongoing
Abrham Yohannes Gebremichael National Identities versus Cultural Identities (University of Bielefeld) Completed 5/2023
Sisay Dirirsa Specters of Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Student Movement and its Evocation of the "National Question" During the Global-local Long Sixties (University of Bielefeld) Completed 1/2023
Nele Weiher Violence and Discrimination against Trans*gender. Transgender Self-Constitution in the Context of Migration and Flight (University of Bielefeld) Completed 7/2023
Hiwa Alidoust Justice and Social Integrity. On the Moral Grammar of Social Relationships (University of Hildesheim) Completed 5/2021
Mohammad Esfandiari Reification and the Political (University of Bielefeld) Completed 10/2020
Katharina Wojahn Swinging at the Boundaries of the Gender Order. An Empirical Study on the Subjectivation of Women who have Children and Commute (University of Bielefeld)
The work was awarded the Equality Prize of the University of Bielefeld
Completed 7/2018
Trimcev Rieke Politics as Play. On the History of a Contingency Metaphor in Political Thought in the Second Half of the 20th Century (University of Augsburg, Third Examiner). Completed 7/2017
Ömer Özgör Bourdieu and International Relations: A Structural Constructivist Analysis for Rethinking State Identity (University of Bielefeld) Completed 07/2016


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