Open Science Working Group

The Open Science Working Group (OSWG) is an open, interdisciplinary working group with the aim of further improving access to scientific knowledge at the University of Bielefeld. Here, researchers and staff from central services regularly exchange information on current developments in the fields of Open Access, Research Data Management and Linked Open Science and work on joint solutions.

There are already many areas at Bielefeld University that offer outstanding services for the management of research data. Each faculty contributes specific requirements due to its way of working. The OATF provides an open forum for the exchange of experience and discussion of joint developments.

The OSWG was founded in January 2011 at the suggestion of AG Semantic Computing CITEC. It currently consists of representatives from CITEC, SFB 882 and University Library.

These results have already been jointly realized:

  • central DOI registration for research data at CITEC and SFB 882 and 673
  • Linking of literature publications with data, software and projects at the CITEC (Cognitive Interaction Toolkit)
  • Modeling and creation of semantic links in library offerings with Linked Data

A meeting usually takes place twice a month. All interested people are cordially invited to the meetings.

For current information the Open Science mailing list has been set up.