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The Department of Philosophy introduces itself!

Welcome to the profile page of our department!
We cordially invite you to get to know us a little better. Use the various tabs to find out about research, teaching, the structure of the department, the individual people or to find out about important contact points.


Philosophers from Bielefeld pursue research projects in all areas of Philosophy - from the theory of action, ethics and political philosophy to the philosophy of language and the philosophy of science. Bielefeld Philosophy is particularly known for its contributions to the systematic debates in contemporary philosophy in the analytical tradition. Locally, this research diversity is reflected in an intensive discussion and conference culture.

The core of the Department of Philosophy is currently formed by six professorships of Philosophy, around which the working areas are grouped.

  • Professorship for Practical Philosophy: Prof. Benjamin Kiesewetter
  • Professorship for Political Philosophy: Prof. Veronique Zanetti
  • Professorship for Theoretical Philosophy: Prof. Christian Nimtz
  • Professorship for Philosophy of Science: Prof. Martin Carrier
  • Professorship for Philosophy of Science: Prof. Marie I. Kaiser
  • Professorship for History of Philosophy & Practical Philosophy: Prof. Michaela Rehm

Further information on active staff, people, visiting scholars and emeriti in research and teaching can be found under the tab "People".

More detailed information on current research projects can be found on our research page and on the websites of the philosophers working here. To get there, please click here.

In teaching, we focus on the needs of our students. Personal contact in small groups, the greatest possible freedom of choice and the research orientation of the courses are particularly important to us.

Our Bachelor's degree programme with its profiles 'subject-specific science', 'teaching profession Gymnasium, Gesamtschule' and 'teaching profession Haupt-, Real-, Sekundar-, Gesamtschule' focuses on a broad imparting of knowledge and skills. Here, the classics of the history of philosophy from Plato to Kant to Rawls play just as important a role as the content of the current debate. In addition, philosophical competences in analysis and presentation are taught in a targeted manner. This happens especially in the intensively supervised courses of the first year of study.

Students in our Master's programme are largely free to organise their studies, set selected focal points in terms of content and thus develop ideal prerequisites for a doctorate/Phd studies in the subject Philosophy. You will be supported by intensive supervision and feedback: in the workshop seminars, all work will be intensively discussed and in the presentation workshop, the Master's students' presentations will be supervised.

Further information on the individual degree programmes can be found here.

The department supports its talented students on their academic career paths through a series of international exchange programmes. To this end, it invites an internationally renowned philosopher to the Masterclass Philosophy every year.

As part of the doctoral programme, the Department of Philosophy offers a structured doctoral phase, the requirements of which are individually tailored to the research project and the qualification profile of the doctoral student.


The Department is part of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology. However, all three departments of the Faculty are independent of each other.

The management of the department is in the hands of the Chair of the Philosophy Department Commission. This is currently Prof. Christian Nimtz.

The dean of studies of the department is Prof. Michaela Rehm. Information from the Dean of Studies and the Student Counselling Service can be found here.

Coordinator for Quality Management, Study Organisation and Head of the Department is Dr. Almut v. Wedelstaedt.

All other responsibilities can be found in the PEVZ on the Philosophy pages.

The work of the Department is supported by the Verein für Philosophy Bielefeld e.V. (Association for Philosophy Bielefeld).



Address: Department of Philosophy, Bielefeld University, P.O. Box 100131, D- 33501 Bielefeld
Phone: 0521-106-6894 (Ms. Schilling)
Fax: 0521-106-15-6894


For more information on the individual active staff members, lecturers, visiting scholars and emeriti in research and teaching, please follow this link.

Often, many questions remain unanswered in connection with studying and students seeking help are unsure where to turn. In order to counteract this situation, we have provided a compilation of useful links for you here, which should help you with any questions and problems that arise.


Important persons to contact and points of contact


Offers for the organisation of studies:


Stays abroad, exchange programmes and persons to contact


Persons to contact in case of problems


Services offered by the library:

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