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    enchoired in front of the bridge
    enchoired in front of the bridge
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Heye Voss


enchoired at the "Nacht der Klänge 2023"

Collegiate A Cappella

enchoired - group picture
© Universität Bielefeld

Collegiate A Cappella has a long history in the US and some other countries. In Germany we can find numerous student choirs at most universities focusing on traditional Pop and Jazz standards as well as choirs who focus more on classical music. In the end, the genre doesn't matter too much, as long as everybody is singing together, sharing the same love for the art and exploring their voices.

What is enchoired doing?

Enchoired has a strong focus on more recent pop music literature. We rehearse once a week together and all members are practicing at home on their own between the rehearsals. Part taking is not done by just showing up to the rehearsals.

What are we offering?

Singing with us means to get a chance to explore your voice, learn new vocal techniques, and train your intonation, rhythm and dynamics. As we are singing with microphones, you'll get to learn that too. Every voice deserves to be heard.

What are we looking for?

As with every choir/vocal ensemble we are looking for new members to join us on our journey. We especially have a need for lower voices such as bass, baritones, and tenors. A good balance is key to a good sound. We are open for all students and staff of Bielefeld University and the "Hochschule Bielefeld".

What are the requirements?

Beside a basic musical qualification, the two main requirements are time and reliability. Progress can only be achieved by showing up regularly to the rehearsals and practicing at home. That implies the capability of planning ahead at least six months in advance.

How to join?

The easiest way is to contact us via email and ask for an audition. Don't worry, this is no talent show. I just need to see if you meet the minimum requirements to start with.

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