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Training of the ESR

The common theme of the ETN will provide the young researchers with a unique portfolio of competences ranging from synthetic chemistry over medicinal chemistry to tumor biology. This warrants interdisciplinary training, supplemented by a well-balanced training in transferable skills. The close international cooperation between 7 university groups, 2 public research institutes, and 5 industrial groups will enable young researchers to get insight into the research and development procedures and also to get into contact with potential future employers.

The multidisciplinary approach (organic chemistry, peptide chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and cell biology) secures a unique potential in terms of training. Such training is an indispensable and fully integrated component of the project activities that provides the basis for broad methodological knowledge and successful experimental research performance. The immediate application of the methodology acquired in the training modules during everyday laboratory work guarantees the development of profound interdisciplinary knowledge. All activities in the training area are intended to supply the ESRs with an optimum set of skills and knowledge as well as to support the ESRs for establishing a future career in science. The knowledge the ESRs acquired in different fields at the end of the project will allow them to apply for research positions with different profiles. Consequently, the chances for an international career will be increased.

All industrial beneficiaries and partners will be involved in the supervision of the recruited researchers as members of the Supervisory Board. Each ESR will be assigned two academic supervisors and an industrial supervisor who keeps close contacts with the ESR to provide valuable insights in industrial research processes. As a rule, all ESRs will be seconded for 3 months to an industrial partner in a different country.

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