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    AG 8: Demography and health

    Uni Sonnenaufgang
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Research Areas AG8

Gender gaps in health and survival (G-HEALTH)

The female advantage in life expectancy is one of the most consistent findings in demographic, epidemiological, and health-based social research. While the findings are less consistent, research also tends to show a female disadvantage in health across subjective and objective measures and nations with very different cultures, economies, and social systems. These apparently paradoxical findings have led researchers to speculate, “Why are women sicker, while men die quicker?”... more

Health of ageing populations

The project aims to investigate changes in the onset of home care and long-term care use across cohorts and whether they differ across socio-demographic groups. It also contributes methodologically to research on specific health phenotypes among the oldest-old, which may not be otherwise accurately measured in surveys... more

Immigrant's health

The project investigates the health consequences of major life events on immigrants and native-born persons. We examine whether and how these patterns vary across countries of origin, as wells as being married to a native, an immigrant from another country, and another immigrant from the same country of origin... more

Diversity in e-health use

Rapid technological changes have resulted in the widespread use of the internet for health purposes (e-health use). E-health use can encompass a range of activities, such as searching for a new doctor, preparing for or following up on a doctor’s appointment, purchasing medications, managing personal health records, and as a means of communication between patients and doctors. Growing interest in e-health use has fueled research documenting its general trends and determinants, as well as how it modifies users’ health behaviors. A blossoming subset of research investigating variations in e-health use by gender has produced a mixed bag of results. Most previous statistics on e-health use have been generated by surveys of patients and physician practices or through social media, which may not be representative of the general population... more

Sexual and reproductive health of adolescents

Research Project: Sexual Risk Behaviour among Adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa - Determinants and Reasons for Behavioural Changes, the Example of Nigeria

This Ph.D. dissertation led by Eleana Dongas aims to investigate changes in Nigerian adolescents’ sexual risk behavior (SRB) from 2000 to 2020 and to identify the underlying causes of such behavioral changes... more

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