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  • Phonetics

    © Nataliya Bryhadyr

Phonetics Work Group - Who We Are

At the Interspeech 2019 in Graz, Austria

(From left to right: Nataliya Bryhadyr, Marin Schröer, Leonie Schade, Simon Betz, Jana Voße, Petra Wagner, Bogdan Ludusan)

What We Do:


  • Speech synthesis, i.e. the artificial production of speech such as that used in robots, reading devices for blind people, computer games or announcement systems.
  • Prosody, and in particular aspects of timing and emphasis. How prominently are sounds produced at specific points of an utterance, and when? How is this perceived and modeled?
  • Conversational prosody and gesture. In this research area, we are interested in various aspects of multimodal communication, such as the synchronization of sounds with facial expressions and gestures, the phonetic realisation of disfluent speech and its integration in systems of human-machine interaction.



  • We are very happy to host the 18th P&P conference in Bielefeld!
  • Award for the phonetics workgroup! Simon Betz has received an award for best dissertation in 2020.

  • We proudly announce that the DFG funds the TRR318 on "Constructing Explainability", with 2 of its subprojects being partially located in our workgroup: project A02 on "Monitoring the understanding of explanations" (in collaboration with Angela Grimminger, Uni Paderborn, and Hendrik Buschmeier, Uni Bielefeld); project C06 on "Technically enabled explaining of speaker traits", in collaboration with Reinhold Häb-Umbach (Uni Paderborn).

The Phonetics and Phonology research group is part of the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology CITEC and Bielefeld University's Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies.

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