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  • Department of Sports Science

    Research area VI - Motor Control and Training

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Schütz

+49 521 106-5128
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-6991
CITEC 1-412


Bielefeld University

Department of Sports Science

Motor Control and Training

P. O. Box 10 01 31

33501 Bielefeld


Welcome to research area VI - 'Motor Control and Training'

The research group 'Motor Control and Training' represents the areas of motor planning, motor control, and biomechanics within the department of sports science. In our empirical research, the group focuses on the following topics:

  • Planning and control of movement  
  • Anticipatory planning (end-state comfort)
  • Sequential planning (motor hysteresis)
  • Automaticity of motor priming
  • Movement and working memory
  • Neural correlates of movement

In teaching, the research group 'Motor Control and Training' is responsible for the biomechanical and physiological bases of movement in the teacher training programs, the scientific bachelor program 'Psychology and Movement' and the scientific master program 'Intelligence and Movement'.

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