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Isotope Laboratory

The Central Isotope Laboratory (IL) is a cross-faculty facility at Bielefeld University. It is located in section W0 of the university main building and is available to all faculties as a service platform.

Within the IL, various laboratories can be used for radioactive and genetic engineering research. Moreover, the IL provides additional equipment for analyses to be performed outside of the IL.


Radioactive work

The IL provides all of the necessary requirements for radioactive research:

  • Consulting
  • Provision of laboratories, equipment and radioactive materials
  • Disposal of radioactive materials

Laboratories & equipment (in German)


Biological work

The IL provides S1 and S2 laboratory space for short-term or fixed-term projects, e.g., for genetic engineering (in accordance with GenTSV and BioStoffV) or infection protection research.

Equipment (in German)


Device platform

Irrespective of IL laboratory use, more devices are available on demand.



For the usage of isotopes and/or work with organisms according to StrlSchV, GenTSV or BioStoffV, special instructions and entrance examinations are required, which will be organized by the staff of the IL.