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Competence Center for Research Data
Phone: 0521-106-3967
Office: Build. X Room F1-220


BiCDaS (Bielefeld Center for Data Science)

The Bielefeld Center for Data Science (BiCDaS) was founded in 2017 by the members of the Data Science Round Table. As a cross-sectional institution, it is represented by its members in all faculties and institutions and supports researchers and lecturers in the field of data science. Due to the thematic proximity, BiCDaS and the competence center cooperate in many questions concerning (research) data. More...

Data Protection Officer

Research data often involve legal issues. This ranges from the declaration of consent for the creation of research data with the participation of third parties to subsequent use. The competence centre works closely with the university's data protection officer to support the researchers. It advises the offices responsible for data processing at the University of Bielefeld on questions relating to the processing of personal data and the safeguarding of data protection. More...

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the University of Bielefeld (EUB) examines and evaluates research projects of members and students of the University according to ethical criteria on application and issues statements on individual research projects. As in the case of data protection issues, the Competence Centre Research Data works closely with the members of the Ethics Committee to support researchers in data protection and ethical questions in the compilation of research data as early as possible. More...

Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer (FFT)

Many third-party funders already require binding statements about the intended handling of the research data obtained during the course of the project when submitting the application. This is intended on the one hand to ensure the whereabouts of the data obtained or used in the project, and on the other to promote the subsequent use of the research data. Applicants describe their measures for securing and re-using the research data obtained in the course of the project in the form of a data management plan. For the preparation of a data management plan, the Competence Centre for Research Data together with FFT offers a comprehensive advisory service. More...

Information Security Officer

The objective of the Information Security Officer is to ensure that information (and thus also research data) is adequately protected against unauthorised access and alteration and that its adequate availability is ensured for the fulfilment of the university's core tasks. Information security is therefore a prerequisite for secure and legally compliant research, teaching and administration and is indispensable for the University of Bielefeld. More...

University Archive

As a memory of the University of Bielefeld, the University Archive with its archival material secures the procedural and experiential knowledge of the university administration and documents the history of the university for the future. Together with the University Archive, the Competence Centre for Research Data develops strategies and solutions for archiving digital data. More...

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