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Tools for Your Work in the Library

How to ...

Group work in a discussion room

Students at Bielefeld University can reserve a discussion room for group work using our room booking system. Reservation is only possible / necessary Mon - Fri from 8 – 18 (see also instructions and rules of use for reserving discussion rooms). After 18.00 and on weekends no reservation is possible and the discussion rooms are open to all users.

Students Using the SMART Board

In order to offer student learning groups a modern media-supported presentation, learning and working environment, we have equipped various discussion rooms with SMART Boards.

We offer two types of SMART Board (the room numbers are given in the respective instructions)

  • The SMART Board 7000/R (White) is an interactive whiteboard with an Android interface. The device can be operated directly from the screen and digital content can be written on at the same time with the appropriate pens.
    Manual for Smartboard-SB-7000/R (in German only)
  • The SMART Board 8000i-G4 (Black) is a combination of an electronic whiteboard and a computer desktop. It can be operated directly from the screen and digital content can be written on simultaneously with the appropriate pens.
    Manual for Smartboard-SB-8000i-G4 (in German only)


Person at the Book Scanner

The book scanners can be found in various departmental libraries in the Main University Building in C1, D1, T1, U0, and V1, as well as in the library in Building X (see Site Maps of the Departmental Libraries for the exact locations). No UniCard or login is required for use. You can save the scanned documents on a USB flash drive or transfer them directly to your smartphone or tablet using the free Scan2Pad app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices). For Android devices, you can also directly download the latest version of the software and install it manually.

For microforms, the Departmental Library of Information Sciences (U0) has a special scanner that allows you to view microform materials and save scanned pages as PDF files on a USB stick free of charge. The staff at the Service Desk in the Library Service Center will help you to use these devices.


Students at Bielefeld University can use the library's public PC workstations to create print jobs and can print them at three printers in the library in black and white on A4 paper free of charge. This is how it works:

  • Log in to any public PC workstation in the library with your university account.
  • Open the document to be printed
  • Select the printer you want to print to:
    • UHG, component C1, library, room C1-220
    • UHG, building V1, library, entrance area
    • Building X, library, room X-F1-203
  • Enter a password of your choice for confidential printing
  • Send the print job
  • Go to the printer you have selected, click on your login name in the display and confirm it with your password for confidential printing.

Print jobs will be deleted after 8 hours.

In addition, students of Bielefeld University can print free of charge in the BITS PC pool rooms (UHG, V0-218 and V0-101) on 3 printers in the BITS vestibule (V0-224). Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 7 - 22 and Sat / Sun, 8 - 22.

If you are not a student at Bielefeld University, or if you would like to print larger texts and/or bind or laminate printed materials, the Central Duplicating Office (ZV) in T0-103 (to the right of the Infopoint in the University Hall) offers suitable facilities. Prices can be obtained there.

Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 8 – 16, Fri, 8 – 15.

Please note: copying is no longer possible at the University.

You can save files to USB flash drive at all PC workstations in the library.

First, insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on the side of the screen.

To save a web page or PDF file you have opened in the browser, click on "Datei" in the menu bar at the top left and then on "Seite speichern unter". Select your USB flash drive as the save location (usually drive D) and click "Speichern". After saving, click on the "USB flash drive icon" at the bottom right and select "[device name] sicher entfernen". You can now remove the USB flash drive.

You cannot open other files (Word, etc.) directly on the PCs in the library without a BITS login. In this case, right-click on the link leading to the file and select "Ziel speichern unter".

Some databases offer their own export functions. In some cases, however, not the complete texts are saved / sent, but only a link to the text. Therefore, if possible, use the function as described above.

Alternatively, you can make a screenshot. This saves a copy of the browser window as an image file. Only the part of the page that you currently see in the browser window is saved. If the page is longer than the browser window, you may need to take multiple screenshots. To create a screenshot and save it to a USB flash drive, click the "Print" button at the top right of the keyboard and then click the "Folder" icon at the bottom of the screen (usually the second from the right). Now drag and drop the file(s) onto your USB flash drive.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the Service Desk in the Library Service Center.

Students at a Laptop

Students and staff of Bielefeld University and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (HSBI) can access the university's and HSBI's IT services and the Internet via the Wi-Fi "eduroam". You will need a BITS account. The Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the University. Eduroam can also be used in some parts outside Bielefeld University ("eduroam off campus").

Academics and students from other universities can also use WLAN via eduroam at Bielefeld University. The condition is that the respective home university offers eduroam. Access to the library's licensed services is not possible when dialling in. There is a special guest access for day visitors.
Further information / instructions

People who are not members of the university can also use the WLAN: In the university - and thus in the library rooms - the free WLAN BI-free of the city of Bielefeld is also available. In cooperation with BITel, it is distributed via the university's access points. Connections to BI-free are automatically disconnected after one hour, but you can reconnect afterwards.
Free WiFi in Bielefeld

Services for specific user groups

Long opening hours, learning spaces, discussion rooms, WLAN, access to e-books and e-journals, advice on literature search and management. We have compiled this information for new students.

For people who are not affiliated with the university, we have put together all the important information for your visit to the university - from how to get there to your ID card - in our Virtual Library Tour.

For people with disabilities, we offer special services that make it easier for you to work in the library. Our services for people with disabilities.

Photo of a Mobile File Pedestal

If you are working on your bachelor, master, or doctoral thesis, you can have a desk ("Tisch-Apparat") set up in most departmental libraries. To do this, you will need a certificate from your lecturer or the examinations office to present to your departmental library. You can find the template for the certificate online or get it from your departmental library. You can compile a maximum of 20 titles at a specific desk in your departmental library for a limited period of time.

The titles you compile as a "Tisch-Apparat" are usually not available for loan during this time. The books can be viewed and scanned by others at any time.

The following items are not permitted

  • issues of periodicals
  • current volumes of periodicals
  • reference works such as dictionaries or specialist encyclopaedias
  • items from special collections, such as test procedures or old stock.

In all departmental libraries it is possible to borrow a lockable mobile filing pedestal (regulations).

To ensure a smooth process, please make an appointment with your contact person in advance. Bring the following with you to the appointment

  • the books you want to borrow
  • your UniCard
  • the completed and signed certificate

Please contact your departmental library for details.

Woman with Child

There are several rooms in the Main Building of the University (UHG) and in Building X that have been set up especially for nursing and expecting mothers as well as fathers caring for their babies. They are freely accessible and lockable from the inside.

There are parent-child rooms in the main university building in C1-127 and V1-207 and in building X in F1-227.

There is a baby-changing room in C1-132. There is a baby-changing and nursing room in building X, room F1-219.

Mon - Fri from 8.00 - 18.00 use is only possible for students of Bielefeld University by reservation. After 18.00 and at weekends no reservation is necessary or possible.

Outside the library there are various baby care and rest rooms. An overview can be found on the university's website.

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