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Bielefeld IT Service Centre

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WLAN access

BITS operates a campus-wide WLAN radio network. Three networks are offered on the campus of Bielefeld University, which can be used either by members of the university (eduroam) or guests (guest, Bi-free).

Users have the option of connecting devices to the data network via the WLAN and using the services offered there.

Scope of services


The wireless LAN for students and employees on campus. Can also be used at many other off-campus locations of other eduroam members worldwide.

Eduroam(Education Roaming) is an initiative that enables members of participating organizations to access the Internet via WLAN at the locations of all participating organizations using their own account/password or certificate without having to apply for guest access on site.

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eduroam in the city area

Wherever the WLAN Bi-free can be received in Bielefeld, eduroam can also be used. A collaboration between BITel, the municipal utilities and the city of Bielefeld makes the so-called "eduroam off campus" possible.
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Note on Android 11 & newer

As of Android 11, the geteduroam app must be used for the department.

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The WLAN at Bielefeld University uses free frequencies of the ISM band. All frequencies in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are used. Technologically, the WLAN is based on the family of IEEE 802.11 standards.

Configure eduroam

In order to set up the WLAN eduroam correctly and securely on mobile devices, DFN-Verein offers a convenient configuration assistant. Download at:

The eduroam CAT is available for download for various operating systems and platforms. For the department under Android, a corresponding app is required: eduroam CAT App for Android.

Note on the login data

For registration on the WiFi eduroam, the personal login data must be entered in this form:

Login name:
Password: BITS password (network password).

In addition, the USERTrust RSA Certification Authority certificate is used/presupposed for the secure connection via 802.1x.

New as of September 2023

The root certificate required to connect to eduroam will change to "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority" from Sectigo as of September 2023. In addition, "" must be entered as the outer identity.

Download root certificate:
.crt, .der, .pem

If the operating system asks you to check the fingerprint of the certificate of, you can match it here.




For guests of the faculties and departments, temporary access can be set up on request under the account of the host for the WLAN "guest". The temporary login data will then be provided by corresponding employees of Bielefeld University (host*in).



The free WLAN BI-free of the city of Bielefeld is also available at the university. In cooperation with BITel, this is broadcast on the university's access points. Connections to BI-free are automatically disconnected after one hour, after which you have to reconnect.

Further information and instructions:

Technical questions about BI-free can be answered by the support of BI
Tel:0521-32 93 111


Target group

  • Students
  • Employees
  • External


  • eduroam: network password
  • guest: Temporary login name password
  • Bi-free: Without login


  • eduroam: No application necessary, standard account for students, employees.
  • guest: Via the IT supervision of the faculty or department supervising the guest. Alternatively, by placing your own order in the PRISMA portal.
  • Bi-free: No application necessary.

Duty to cooperate

  • Active account

  • Mobile device with WLAN adapter

  • Support for WPA2 Enterprise

(do not apply to Bi-free)


For students
BITS-Beratung (Support Office)
Room: University Main Building V0-215
Mo.–Fr. 09:30–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 10612777

For employees with a PC workstation provided by BITS
Service Desk
Mo.–Fr. 08:00–16:00 h
Tel.: 0521 106-6000

For other employees
Decentralised IT support of the faculty or institution.

Support from BITel for Bi-free
0521-32 93


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