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Setting up WiFi under Linux

To get all necessary and current configuration settings directly preset, we recommend the eduroam tool CAT.
Otherwise, this manual serves for a manual configuration.

Terms and menus may differ from this manual depending on the Linux version.

Step 1: Download certificate


In the first step, the root certificate "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority" must be installed on the corresponding device. The following link must be called up on the Linux device:


Save the file to a location where the file is to remain. This is required for the subsequent configuration of the WLAN.

Step 2: Configure WiFi

These settings must be made for the WiFi eduroam.

Security of the radio network:
-> WPA/WPA2-Enterprise

-> Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous identity:

CA certificate:
-> Select file path from certificate file

PEAP version:
-> Automatic

Internal legitimisation:


-> BITS password (network password)

Then confirm via "Connect".

An attempt is made to establish a connection directly.

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