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Digitization on Demand

Please note: The licensing service for out-of-print works is temporarily not available due to a new legal regulation. Therefore, only works up to publication year 1920 can be suggested at the moment.

We offer a digitization service for works from our collection. The service includes

  • copyright-free literature and
  • out-of-print works (currently not possible)

You can propose scans of entire works published up to 1920. In case of a positive review, the work will then be published in our Digital Collections and can be used there and downloaded as PDF. The service is free of charge.

How do I suggest a work?

  • Search for the desired title in the! (segment "library catalogue")
  • In the hit list click on the desired title to get to the detailed display for this hit
  • Click on the link "Suggest for digitization". The link is only displayed for works with a publication year before 1920
  • The bibliographic data will be transferred to a form for the digitization proposal. Enter your name and e-mail address in the form and submit the digitization proposal

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