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Ethics Committee

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EUB Office

Dr. Eva-Maria Berens
+49(0)521 106-4468
Office T5-241

Office Hours: mornings and by arrangement

Office closing dates

The office of the EUB will be closed from July, 3rd until July 21st 2023. Incoming applications and requests are processed according to the date of receipt thereafter. 

new application forms

The application forms were updated in November 2022. Please use the new forms for the application.

templates for participant information

Please note that new German versions of the templates for participant information are availabe from the German website of the EUB. Preliminary English versions are available upon request.

© Universität Bielefeld

Upon application, the Ethics Committee of Bielefeld University (EUB) examines and evaluates research projects submitted by members and students of the University according to ethical criteria and delivers statements on individual research projects.

The Ethics Committee assists the responsible scientists by advising and assessing ethical and, if necessary, legal aspects of research on and with humans. The EUB does not exercise the functions of a medical ethics committee. Independent of the evaluation by the Ethics Committee, the scientists remain responsible for their actions.

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