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Revising, responding, refining: How to write better academic/scientific texts

Dr. Vera Leberecht | January 27th & 28th 2022 | 10:00 a.m. (s.t.) - 05:00 p.m. (1st day), 09:30 a.m. (s.t.) - 04:30 p.m.(2nd day) |

The workshop is geared at PhD students and other junior researchers who want to improve the quality of their academic/scientific texts. Concentrating on the revision phase of the writing process, it gives you the opportunity to work intensively on your own unfinished drafts (dissertation chapters, journal papers, book chapters, conference papers, etc.). Supported by the other participants and the trainer, you spend time on making your texts clearer, on structuring them more logically, and on refining your language and style.

In addition, you explore what it means to become a more professional writer in your field of research, you practice addressing your audiences more appropriately and confidently, and you apply cooperative strategies to find new solutions for writing-related questions, problems, and dilemmas.

The hands-on, two-day workshop covers these topics:

  • taking inventory: analysing features of successful academic/scientific texts
  • research/writing/revising: tangled phases of writing processes
  • revising drafts in several rounds:
    • content and clarity
    • logical structure
    • language and style
  • developing a stronger standing as a researcher/writer, and claiming and owning your own research space
  • changing perspectives: writing and revising with your readers in mind
  • using powerful questions to solve writing/revision dilemmas and problems
  • efficient revision: getting closer to submission
  • responding professionally to reviewers’ comments


Dr. Vera Leberecht (Maastricht/NL) studied Linguistics, Intercultural Communication and Theology in Germany and Finland. She worked at Maastricht University Language Centre for several years before starting her own training and consulting business in 2008. She is enthusiastic about empowering professionals to communicate with reason and resonance, in academia and beyond

Please make your registration until 12th of January 2022 by sending an e-mail to

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