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Doing Empathy in the Classroom: Mindful Communication Strategies for Teachers

Tyll Zybura | 13.12.2021 | 10:00 (s.t.) - 14:00 | online

Our social well-being has a direct impact on our curiosity, intellectual capacity and creativity: the basic conditions of good scholarship. To invest energy in mindful communication serves us well as human beings, but also serves our professional cultures.

Communication at eye level between teachers and students is often made difficult by the hierarchical power relations at university. It is mostly the students who suffer from this: They feel constantly evaluated and under pressure to perform, and fear of failure alienates them from their academic work.

In the way we communicate with our students in office hours and seminars, we as teachers can do much to alleviate these anxieties and help students find their own position and voice within academia.

In this workshop, I share strategies from my own teaching practice that help us ...

  • adopt an empathetic attitude to value students in their individuality and diversity and to create an anxiety-free teaching-learning relationship.
  • communicate and provide feedback in a solution-focused style to respond to students' needs in an approachable and effective manner during office hours and seminar sessions.

I measure the success of my strategies by the fact that for many years students have reported back to me that in my seminars they feel taken seriously and especially motivated to conduct their own research.

In the workshop, we will have time to share experiences and talk about how we can confidently and empathetically handle not only everyday teaching but also difficult situations in our communication with students.


Tyll Zybura works as a professional trainer in education, as a lecturer in cultural studies and as a solution-focused coach. On and he publishes critical essays on alternative teaching-learning relationships.


Registration Deadline: 29.11.2021


Target Group:

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an Lehrende der Universität Bielefeld und Teilnehmende des Qualifizierungsprogramms "Professionelle Lehrkompetenz für die Hochschule".

Diese Veranstaltung wird im Bielefelder Zertifikat für Hochschullehre mit 4 AE für das Methodenmodul Themenfeld C (Studierende begleiten und beraten) angerechnet.

Diese Veranstaltung wird im Zertifikat "Professionelle Lehrkompetenz für die Hochschule" mit 4 AE für das Erweiterungsmodul (II) im Themenfeld Studierende beraten (3) angerechnet.


Contact & Registration

Anke Schayen

+49 (0)521 / 106-3367


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