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  • PEP for Researchers and Teachers

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The PEP-Network

A personnel development programme for researchers was launched in 2000 to address the constant changes in the professional demands and expectations of the academic sector. This pooled previous initiatives in careers services into a central programme, and was focused from the start on fostering young researchers. The personnel development programme increased its scope and approach in 2016 and 2017 to enable the University's researchers to obtain job-related qualifications, to shape their careers and to systematically develop both both subject-specific skills and more general ones. The planning, organisation and implementation of the personnel development programme takes place within the framework of a coordinated network of various administrative and service facilities as well as within the graduate programmes of the University.

You can find out more about the individual facilities here.

Grafik, das die Bestandteile des Netzwerks zeigt

The Language Centre helps researchers improve their foreign language skills.

The BGHS offers excellent doctoral training at Bielefeld University with a focus on interdisciplinarity and international cooperation.

The mentoring programme movement offers female students, doctoral candidates and PostDocs at Bielefeld University an environment that is conducive to their needs and where they can explore their career paths within a coordinated structure. The programme focuses on raising awareness of one's own priorities, to develop viable career prospects and to identify appropriate strategies for action.

The office of Personnel Development for Academics, Health and Family offers training and advice to students and teachers. It focuses on questions of leadership and management within an academic context as well as on the topic of the University as workplace. The Personnel Development Programme is coordinated by the Personnel Development for Academics team.

PunktUm specialises in German language courses for international researchers, doctoral candidates and (guest) lecturers. This free offer includes both intensive courses and courses held throughout the semester at all levels with a focus on everyday university life and communication within the German academic environment. On request, individual advice and tuition, e.g. for support in courses held in German, is also possible.

The Service Center for Young Researchers is the main contact point for prospective doctoral candidates, doctoral candidates and postdocs at Bielefeld University. The Service Center also supports experienced researchers applying to acquire third-party funding for a doctoral programme. The Service Center for Young Researchers sees itself as being at the interface to all other services for young researchers at Bielefeld University and can refer you to the relevant department for any specific question.

The Transfer and Start-up team supports researchers in planning cooperation projects with partners from industry, education, politics and the social sector. They can also provide advice on questions regarding the market potential of intellectual property rights and the safeguarding of research results under intellectual property law. The team offers advice to all University members (students, researchers, non-scientific staff) on start-up projects and the path to self-employment.

Bielefeld University Library is responsible for providing University members with all required academic literature and information and offers advice on the procurement of subject-specific information. To help our users get the most out of our resources, we offer courses and workshops to develop skills in researching literature and processing it, handling research data, various aspects of academic publishing as well as selected topics from the area of presentation in teaching and presentation of research results.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) provides information, advice and training for prospective students, students and teachers through its different departments and teams.

The Careers Service of Bielefeld University is a central advice centre for questions of career orientation and planning.

The University Didactics & Teaching Development Team organises the personnel development programme for teaching (including the "Bielefelder Zertifikat für Hochschullehre" and the qualification of tutors). The team offers individual advice to teachers on all questions relating to teaching (e.g. on topics such as curriculum planning and evaluation, teaching writing-intensive and research-related courses, cooperative learning). In addition, the team supports teachers in the use of digital media in close collaboration with the eLearning/Media office.

The ZLL also develops and coordinates a cross-faculty programme to improve teaching at Bielefeld University and encourages a dialogue about teaching throughout the University. At the same time, it benefits from a long-standing collaborations with partner institutions and in networks on national and international levels. By attending conferences and publishing work, its staff members participate in furthering the development of study and teaching.

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