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Course Requirements

The type and scope of the academic achievements are regulated by the study regulations of the doctoral programmes in Sociology and History. A total of 10 credit points (CP) must be earned, of which 6 CP are in the compulsory area and 4 CP in the optional programme.

Doctoral researchers provide proof of their participation in courses through a certificate of attendance. Upon completion of the doctoral programme, the BGHS issues a transcript of the courses which you have attended.

Mandatory programme (6 CP)

There are 6 CP to be earned in face-to-face classes usually chosen from the School's course offering (for details go to the electronic course calendar — eKVV).

Classes to be attended:

  • four Research Classes with a total of 8 SWS* = 4 CP

  • one Theory Class of 1 SWS = 0.5 CP

  • a Methods Class in the amount of 1 SWS = 0.5 CP

  • two to four events in the transferable skills programme with a total of 4 days = 1 CP

    *weekly session of 45 minutes

Optional programme (4 CP)

For the optional programme, doctoral researchers are required to complete 4 CP. These can be completed within the framework of the BGHS study programme (in the eKVV: Optional Course Programme) and outside Bielefeld University. For the optional area, credits are awarded for example:

  • Colloquium with own lecture: 1 CP

  • Colloquium without lecture: 0,5 CP

  • Seminar participation: 0,5 CP

  • Research Retreat: 0,5 CP

  • Teaching a course of one’s own: 0,5-1 CP

  • Contribution to an external conference: 0,5 CP

  • Organisation of a Workshop: 1 CP

  • Participation in a study group: 0.5-1 CP

  • Post as a doctoral researchers' representative: 0.5 CP

  • Other academic achievements: 0.5-1 CP

In each category several academic achievements can be accepted.

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