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Campus der Universität Bielefeld
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Slack Space BGTSbielefeld

Despite doing research means to specialize to a particular and circumscribed field, having the possibility to share ideas and to get new stimulus remains a crucial aspect of being a doctoral student. The need of having a space in which this can easily happen follows then naturally and we have created a page on Slack for students and all members of the BGTS:


Here we have the possibility to interact with each other, discuss scientific interests, raise questions, organize social events, propose new initiatives or activities. In one word, be closer. This space is organized in channels like a general channel for generic issues or special channels for, e.g., the organization of upcoming events. Feel free to join the discussion in any of the channels above, or to create a new channel in order to discuss a particular topic you are interested in. The only thing we ask you is to help us in keeping this space in order: inside channels, posts and comments must be pertinent to the discussion.
If you would like to join the space, please contact and we will invite you.

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