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Mobility Grant Travel Reports

Since it was founded in 2012, the BGTS has been awarding Mobility Grants every year to enable doctoral students to go on research trips.
Here you can read about what our doctoral students experienced during their trip and how this affected their work.

  • photograph of Anna Catharina Hager
    © Anna Hager

    Anna Catharina Hager (2023)

    In summer 2023, I visited Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics to work with Peiran Jiao. We conducted an experiment to examine how people deviate from rational decision making and what role higher order information plays. During my stay, I expanded my knowledge and toolset about behavioural economics by attending seminars, courses, and the local M-BEES/M-BEPS conference, and by spending time with fellow PhD students and senior researchers. I found it easy to accommodate: Maastricht is a rather small town, it is close to Germany so it was convenient for many friends to visit, and, most importantly, I received a very warm welcome at the Finance as well as the Economics Department. Personally, I enjoyed experiencing a different academic culture and discovering the amazing road-cycling paths in the Netherlands. Thanks BGTS for providing me this opportunity with your Mobility Grant!

  • Shihao Zhu
    © Shihao Zhu

    Shihao Zhu (2022)

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for awarding me the BGTS Mobility Grant last year, which allowed me to undertake a four-month research visit at the University of Colorado Boulder from October 2022 to February 2023. I must say that my visit to CU Boulder has been a great experience both academically and personally. The professors and staff at CU Boulder were incredibly welcoming and provided me with invaluable guidance and support throughout my visit. I appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere that I encountered at the university. I am confident that it will have a positive impact on my academic and personal growth for years to come.


  • Annika Kemper
    © Annika Kemper

    Annika Kemper (2022)

    Thanks to the BGTS mobility grant, I had the opportunity to visit the Université Paris-Dauphine in Paris in March and September 2022.
    During my stays, I worked with René Aïd and Nizar Touzi on the optimal regulation of renewable energy production capacity.
    I was able to attend numerous seminars and to present at a conference where I met several researchers and leading experts in financial mathematics. Their feedback on my presentation and discussions about my ongoing research projects were very helpful.
    I am very grateful to BGTS for allowing me to have this research experience. Thank you!

  • Felix Dammann
    © Felix Dammann

    Felix Dammann (2022)

    In the spring of 2022 I had the opportunity to visit Stéphane Villeneuve at the Toulouse School of Economics. During my stay I was able to meet with other researchers, participate in seminars and discuss my ongoing research projects. This possibility resulted in many new ideas and helpful input for my doctoral studies. I am grateful to the BGTS for making this fantastic experience possible.

  • Gerrit Bauch
    © Gerrit Bauch

    Gerrit Bauch (2022)

    The BGTS Mobility Grant allowed me to spent two more months with my second supervisor at the University of Arizona. Having been to the U.S. has not only given me the possibility to talk to researchers across the ocean, but also to gain insight in different styles of presentation and academic proceedings for doctoral students. Thank you!

  • Luis Altenkort
    © Luis Altenkort

    Luis Altenkort (2022)

    The multi-week visit to Brookhaven National Laboratory allowed me to discuss the ongoing work on my PhD thesis with leading experts in the field of nuclear physics. Since discussions in front of a blackboard are the backbone of theoretical physics, I am grateful that the BGTS mobility grant allowed me to interact and collaborate with these senior scientists in person, resulting in many new ideas and various improvements to my research that would hardly have been possible from afar.

  • Elena Tielker
    © Elena Tielker

    Elena Tielker (2021)

    The BGTS Mobility Grant enabled me to travel to Galway in September 2021. 
    Even through online collaboration is becoming more and more common, it was really helpful to visit my colleague in person: Many questions could be answered immediately and I got new input on my project.

  • Kerstin Hötte
    © Kerstin Hötte

    Kerstin Hötte (2020)

    On a conference during my PhD, I met another young researcher from Oxford. We quickly discovered a strikingly large overlap in our research interests and he mentioned I should come to Oxford to do some work together. The BGTS mobility grant enabled to me to realize this and I spent 2 months at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in Oxford in early 2020.
    This research stay was very successful: We managed to write a paper which is now published in a high impact journal, it paved my way to my first postdoc position, and I still greatly benefit from all the links in my personal research network I created during the stay.
    It was also very insightful to see how other research groups organize their work. I still build on these experiences when doing research in teams.

More Reports

  • Benjamin Brück
    © Benjamin Brück

    Benjamin Brück (2018)

    In 2018, I spent a term at the University of Oxford. I got to know new people, visited numerous seminars and courses and talked with my host about topics related to my PhD thesis. It was a fantastic experience, which I enjoyed a lot.

  • Marieke Pahlke
    © Marieke Pahlke

    Marieke Pahlke (2018)

    Thanks to the BGTS grant, I was able to visit the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. During my stay, I worked with Peter Klibanoff who later became the second supervisor of my PhD thesis. The feedback, discussions, and exchange with researchers from Northwestern University were very enriching and encouraged me to pursue an academic career.

  • Ghislain-Herman Demeze-Jouatsa
    © Ghislain-Herman Demeze-Jouatsa

    Ghislain-Herman Demeze-Jouatsa (2017 & 2018)

    The Mobility Grants from the BGTS made it possible to visit my co-authors at the University of Ottawa in Canada and the University of Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon, and to complete our three ongoing research projects. I am very grateful!

  • Adam Mielke
    © Adam Mielke

    Adam Mielke (2017)

    I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to visit Prof. Jacobus Verbaarschot at Stony Brook University in New York. He has been a pillar of the random matrix community for several years, and not only did the visit spark an idea that would since become a research project, but his expertise in the interplay between random matrix theory and solid state physics has helped me in years since when working on interdisciplinary projects. Long Island and NYC of course contain numerous ways to experience different cultures, both in terms of researchers and in terms of daily life, but the event that left the greatest impression on me was the barbecue at Prof. Verbaarschot's own house with his other PhD-students. It made me feel extremely welcome and a part of their research group.

  • Philipp Külpmann
    © Philipp Külpmann

    Philipp Külpmann (2016)

    Thanks to the BGTS Grant, I was able to visit the University of Warwick in the UK. It allowed me to conduct my experiments at the DR@W Laboratory and to meet, work with, and learn from leading researchers in my field. Overall, my stay in the UK was a most valuable experience, both personally and professionally.

  • Isabel Oldengott
    © Isabel Oldengott

    Isabel Oldengott (2015)

    My visit at UNSW in Sydney was very successful as it helped me to speed up the process of finalizing a project. Afterwards I worked on several other projects with my former host at UNSW and we are until today active collaborators.

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