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Practical semester with preparatory training for Integrated Studies for Primary Education ("Sachunterricht")

The practical semester is a central component of the Master's program in Integrated Studies for Primary Education ("Sachunterricht") with a focus on the professional field. It is divided into a preparation phase, a practical phase and a reflection phase:

In the preparatory course, the students deal with the didactic and methodological knowledge acquired in the course of their studies so far in an application-oriented way with the aim of designing theory-based research projects with a focus on the didactics of subject matter. The study project outlines developed from this are the basis of the examination performance in Module 69-SU7-VRPS Preparation and Reflection of the Practical Semester with Preparatory Training for Primary Education ("Sachunterricht"). The examination is taken by the teaching staff, instructors, lectures as an oral examination or presentation and, in comparison to the other subjects, follows the preparation seminar, not the reflection seminar.

The focus of the practical phase is the practical school work, which is supplemented by accompanying events at the university and the Centers for Practical Teacher Training (ZfsL). The accompanying seminars at the university provide a systematic, theory-based reflection of the practical school experience. In addition to the study projects, they are thus an essential component of a research-reflective approach to teaching and learning processes in the field of physical education and support you as a student in the formation of a research-reflective habitus.

In the reflection event , the new, practical school experiences are to be reflected on from a subject-didactic point of view. In this context, you can and should also take a critical-reflective look at the study project outlines from your preparatory seminar in order to develop perspectives of research-based learning in and for your later professional practice.

Please also note the general information for the practical semester with preparatory training.

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