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Study plans

The following study plans represent the ideal recommended course of study for Integrated Studies for Primary Education ("Sachunterricht"). This differs depending on the course start:

  • From the summer semester 2024, new subject-specific regulations have come into force, which in turn are reflected in the current study plans.
  • Students who have started their BA up to and including the winter semester 2023/24 and switch to the M. Ed. from the summer semester 2024 will have an FsB-mixed study plan "BA up to WS 2023/24 and M. Ed. from SoSe 2024".
  • From the course start winter semester 2020/21, there is a uniform progression recommendation.
  • The course start summer semester 2020 has its own progression structure.
  • For students starting before the summer semester 2020, the course history will vary depending on whether the course start was in the winter or summer semester.

Please contact Kerstin Harmening for advice if you deviate from the recommended programme structure.


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