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11.04.2023 - 14.07.2023

Sommersemester Ferien

15.07.2023 - 30.09.2023

Wednesday 24. July 2024

DHM Women's Soccer

Last weekend, the German university championships in women's soccer (small pitch) took place in Constance. After the long journey, everyone was able to relax in and around Lake Constance on Friday evening and recharge their batteries for the next morning.

The actual tournament then got underway. We were able to secure a place in the quarter-finals in the group phase with two wins (7:1 and 5:0). In the final game of the group phase, we were narrowly defeated (1:3). In the subsequent quarter-final, we unfortunately reached the end of the line (0:1).

Overall, we would certainly have expected more from the tournament, but we had a great weekend in Constance, had a lot of fun and were able to collect some memories that will stay with us for a long time.


DHM Half Marathon

Small race, big atmosphere:

On June 2nd, the (half) marathon university championship took place in Salzkotten. In relatively good weather conditions, Maximilian ran a personal best time of 01:45:30 in the half marathon and finished in 22nd place.

Compared to the last (half) marathon university championship in Hanover, it was a bit smaller, but it felt like the whole of Salzkotten was lining the streets, as were the surrounding villages. All in all, a really nice competition.

DHM Triathlon

"Just try it out and go for it" - that was the basic idea of our group at the Volkstriathlon at Steinhuder Meer. After two absences due to illness, we started with just five people from Bielefeld University, only one of whom had some triathlon experience. However, by the time we checked in, our group's anticipation of the event was overriding. The atmosphere on site was great and the organization of the various relay teams went practically without a hitch despite the large number of participants. We quickly realized that our preparation and equipment were rather poor compared to the other participants, but we wanted to live up to our own expectations and gain experience for other triathlons. The swim in the Steinhuder Meer proved to be much more strenuous for us than expected and set a high standard as the first discipline, which we had to orientate ourselves by. However, the support of the spectators on site and on the bike course helped us to grit our teeth and keep going despite the unfamiliar strain.While the running and cycling were also strenuous, but at least they were more familiar, we also realized how important it is to be well prepared when switching between disciplines. The Volkstriathlon at Steinhuder Meer was an incredibly interesting experience, not least thanks to the fantastic volunteers who actively supported each and every one of us before, on and after the course. Overall, we are all happy with our individual times, which were between 1:22 and 1:39, and are motivated to improve them with more training and experience!

DHM Volleyball Men

The Bielefeld University volleyball team represented the Bielefeld colors at Leibniz University Hannover on May 3rd. As part of the preliminary round, the universities (TU Dresden, WG Hannover, Uni Vechta, WG Braunschweig, Uni Ilmenau, WG Magdeburg. WG Jena) competed with us. We competed with a numerically decimated team led by coach Dr. Kostas Velentzas (Dept. of Sports Science) and beat the hosts Hannover in the first game of the preliminary round, whose spectators and fans created a great backdrop. In the match against WG Braunschweig, who had several second and third division players in their ranks, we had a tough battle, which we narrowly lost. We therefore narrowly missed out on the final tournament in Stralsund, but are determined to make it next year.

Coach Velentzas: "The boys did a good job. With more preparation, we would certainly have got further. But it was still fun!"

Felix Mittermeier: "It was quite an experience to play DHM for the first time. I'd love to do it again!"

Photo: Top row from left: Juri Regehr, Falko Hildebradt, Niklas Uffmann, Peer Rolfsen, Nils Ott

Bottom row from left: Moritz Lembeck, Jarik tom Suden, Felix Mittermeier

DHM Cyclocross 2024

The German University Cyclocross Championships took place in Bonn on 29.01.2024. Luisa-Marie Standare competed from Bielefeld University. She rode the course flawlessly in very good conditions and even made it onto the podium this year. She achieved a very satisfactory 3rd place. All in all, it was a very successful event.


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