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Psychological counseling

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Students with disabilities, chronic or mental illness often face additional challenges in their studies. It is not always possible to complete the course of study exactly according to the specified Module Guide. Disability and illness-related circumstances, e.g. occurring phases of illness, accompanying mental illnesses, the individual resilience and more must be taken into account in the studies. This can sometimes lead to further psychological stress, e.g. exam nerves, organizational difficulties or concentration problems.

Students and doctoral candidates can take advantage of psychological counseling at the Central Student Counselling Service. The counselors of the ZSB support and, if necessary, accompany students in overcoming personal problems or crises. For example, they can help to find a good balance between studies and necessary recovery times, which is often indispensable, especially for students with disabilities, chronic or mental illness.

Counseling topics can include learning disorders, test anxiety, or sometimes severe mental crises. Psychological problems that have existed for a long time as well as family problems, problems in a partner or friendship(s) or loneliness can also interfere with studying. Depending on the need, counseling takes place in the form of individual, couple or group sessions.

The ZSB does not offer psychotherapy, but supports students and doctoral candidates in finding a place for therapy.

If you feel affected by these or other problems, do not hesitate to take advantage of the psychological counseling services offered by the ZSB!

Counseling is free of charge, confidential, and generally also available in anonymous form.

Appointments can be made during open student consulting hours or by mail.


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