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    Offerings for teaching staff

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Our offerings for teaching staff

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Melanie Fröhlich

Coordinator in the "Teaching and Learning" focus area

Elke Langelahn

Coordinator in the "Writing" focus area

With our offerings, we aim to enhance students' academic skills and contribute to their successful studies. In addition to workshops, consultations, and courses directly aimed at students, we also provide short workshop units for your courses that are adapted to the needs of your students and the context of your seminar or lecture. Furthermore, we offer conceptual advice on how to integrate writing and collaborative activities into your teaching.

In your courses, there may be a variety of interdisciplinary requirements in addition to the subject content, such as planning a writing project, successful collaboration in a group, or the appropriate use of reading or learning strategies. If you recognize a need among your students and would like to support them in developing the corresponding skills, we invite you to invite us as experts, for example, on the following topics:

Group formation and project planning

Working in groups offers great learning potential, but at the same time places high demands on the students' self-organization. In this regard, we can provide support, for example, by offering impulses for group formation and facilitating effective and active exchange among students, so that they can quickly engage in productive work.

Academic writing and reading

If many students in your course are required to write a term paper, or if you have noticed that students in one of your seminars consistently struggle with reading certain academic texts, we can support you with a short workshop. We can introduce writing methods, raise awareness of academic writing as a process, or present reading strategies. We are also happy to orgaize a joint seminar session, e. g. to make assessment criteria transparent.

Since time itself is a scarce resource in teaching, you are welcome to refer students to our offerings. Are you stumbling over poorly formatted seminar papers? We offer Word workshops. Do you notice difficulties with writing projects? Then our student writing consultation could be a helpful resource. . Or do you get the impression that your students need more in-depth digital skills, for example in creating presentations or online collaboration in groups? We have developed self-study units for this purpose.

If you work with (especially new) tutors, you are welcome to refer them to our qualification programs, where we provide training in didactic-methodical basics and work on the understanding of the tutor's role. We also offer the option to develop subject-specific qualification formats. Additionally, we are happy to provide conceptual advice, e. g. on the effective integration of tutorials and lectures.

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