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    Offerings for tutors

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Our offerings for tutors

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Melanie Fröhlich

Koordination Angebote für Studierende (SKILLS); Tutor*innenqualifizierung

+49 521 106-67515
Gebäude X E1-235

With our offerings, we aim to prepare you for your role as a tutor and provide you with a solid foundation for a successful start in your tutorial sessions. You can clarify any questions you may have regarding your responsibilities, boundaries, role, and attitude in discussions with other subject tutors. In our tutor qualifications, we provide you with methodological and didactic fundamentals that will assist you in planning and structuring your tutorial sessions. We also address the following questions:

  • Which learning activities are useful for your tutorial sessions?
  • What does a meaningful connection between course and tutorial look like?
  • How can you use the special potential of peer teaching, i.e. your experience advantage and your personal coping strategies for dealing with the subject-specific requirements?

Individual consultations are also possible.

Before the start of each semester (end of March and end of September), we offer the "Interdisciplinary Tutor Qualification" program. Here, you can engage in a two-day workshop that explores methodological and didactic basics, and plan your tutorial.
Additionally, you have the opportunity to delve into the acquisition of competencies as a tutor in the "Tutor Qualification" module within the IndiErg and receive 10 credit points for this.

  • Click here for the module information
  • Click here for the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) with the courses of the module

Is there a group of tutors in your subject who would like to get to grips with the design of their tutor sessions? If so, we will be happy to develop a tailor-made concept for subject-specific tutor training in consultation with you and the responsible instructors in your field. This will strengthen the examination of subject-specific requirements and promote collaboration among the subject tutors.

If you are interested, please contact Melanie Fröhlich. Ideally, we should have six to eight weeks' notice before the desired implementation date.

We have put together a collection of methods to help you run an exciting and successful tutorial. In it, you will also learn how to select the right method for yourself, your group, your goals, etc., and how to effectively integrate the methods into your tutorial session. The various methods have been described by members of our team who personally enjoy using them. The text is written in German.

We are members of the Netzwerk Tutorienarbeit an Hochschulen (Network for Tutorial Work at Universities) and the SIG „Qualitätsstandards und Inhalte der Peer-Tutor*innen-Ausbildung“ (Special Interest Group "Quality Standards and Content of Peer Tutor Training") of the Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung (Society for Writing Didactics and Writing Research, gefsus), and we engage in collegial exchange across universities.

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