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  • Organic Chemistry OC3 - Prof. Sewald

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Welcome to the Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry work group!


Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the three main therapies used to treat cancerous tumors. The doctoral research network ‘Magicbullet::Reloaded’ is investigating another approach, with 15 doctoral researchers developing special molecules that stimulate the immune system to destroy tumor cells.

YaBiNaPA at Research_TV

When people in Cameroon suffer from malaria and other parasitic infectious diseases, they often cannot afford treatment – the imported synthetic medicines cost a lot of money. The graduate school YaBiNaPA of Bielefeld University and the University Yaoundé I in Cameroon aims to remedy this. research_tv presents the project.

Magicbullet at Research_TV

How do active substances have to be structured in order to target cancer cells selectively? Fifteen doctoral students in the “Magicbullet” network have spent three years conducting research into this.

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