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Project duration:

  • 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2019

Project management:

Scientific staff:

Performance-Oriented Measurement of German as a Second Language Competency (GSL-Competency) of (Pre-Service) Teachers

Aims and Research Questions

For a student's successful participation in the content classroom, the ability of an appropriate language register-use is required. This ability should be taught obligatory in all content classrooms. Teachers of all subjects need to acquire skills to integrate opportunities, especially for multilingual learners, to build up their linguistic competencies. The only existing model, which describes this GSL competency of (pre-service) teachers, is the recently developed GSL competency model (Köker et al., 2015). This structural model operationalizes GSL competency in content classrooms in the dimensions subject-specific registers, multilingualism, and didactics. Those dimensions were determined by a comprehensive data analysis and an experts' rating. The structural model, developed by Köker et al. (2015), also serves as a basis for the GSL competency test instrument, which gathers three competency levels and therefore only covers the norm standard of GSL competency.

The joint project DaZKom-Video of the University of Bielefeld (Barbara Koch-Priewe, Anne Köker, Udo Ohm) and the Leuphana University of Lüneburg (Timo Ehmke, Svenja Hammer, Svenja Lemmrich) aims to extend the model and the test instrument to make the competencies describable and measurable on an expert level. The current paper-pencil-test is limited in this respect, because the expertise partially only appears in actions. In "DaZKom-Video" a methodically innovative testing procedure is to be developed on the basis of video items. This testing procedure will make performance-oriented behavior of (pre-service) teachers measurable through gathering situation-specific skills in the fields of perception, interpretation and decision making.

The project (with BMBF-Funding) "DaZKom-Video" (GSL-Competency-Video) aims at developing an innovative test format, which allows performance-oriented measurement of GSL-competency. Authentic videos, which display GSL relevant teaching situations, will build the basis of this test. The goal is to create an authentic and situation-specific testing environment. The planned project will have recourse to previous achievements within the project "DaZKom – professional competencies of pre-service teachers in GSL". In this previous project, a test instrument (paper-pencil) was developed based on a competency model for GSL competency of pre-service teachers.

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