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    Confidential Team of Trust

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Public Health Confidential Team of Trust

Who we are and what we stand for

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The "Public Health Confidential Team of Trust" of the Bielefeld School of Public Health (BISPH) is a cross-status working group. We offer a first point of contact for orientation in dealing with experiences of discrimination. Please contact us, if you have dealt with or witnessed discrimination at our faculty. Even though we are not an official counseling center, our work is based on the principles of confidentiality, tolerance and respect. Through our work, we aim to create a long-term culture at the BISPH that promotes diverse, fair, and respectful interaction and raises awareness of the multifaceted forms discrimination can take.

Confidentiality is an important principle of our work. This means that you decide who will be entrusted with your concern. You also decide how to proceed: We make suggestions as to who could be considered as a further counseling center or work out the next possible steps together with you. You then decide how you actually proceed and what you would like to do.

How to contact us

You can reach the Confidential Team of Trust by e-mail at:

This functional email address is maintained Monday through Friday by our team members Anna Groß-Bölting and Jörg Riedel. The restriction to only two people with read and write access to our official e-mail address helps us to guarantee you the highest possible level of confidentiality. Ms. Groß-Bölting or Mr. Riedel will contact you by e-mail upon your request and discuss the further procedure with you.

Depending on your concern, there are different pocedures possible: If you want a large group, that supports you, we can forward your request to the whole Confidential Team of Trust (see below) for further processing. If you would like to explicitly exclude certain members of the team from processing your request, we will withdraw them from the entire communication. If you might just want one person or a small team to support you, we will arrange that. Whatever you need!

If you perhaps already know in advance with whom you would like to discuss your concern, you can contact the individual team members directly via their personal e-mail address. You can also contact the representative of your status group directly. This may be appropriate, for example, if you prefer to communicate your concerns directly in private rather than through our official functional email address.

Regardless of what you decide, all inquiries will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be handled by the team members you have chosen as your contact person(s).

Our activities & your opportunities to get involved

If you have (co-)experienced discrimination at the BISPH and would like to have support in dealing with it, please contact us at any time. We will handle your concerns with absolute confidentiality. We are not a counseling center, but we are well connected within the university (e.g. AStA, LiLiGoesMental, ZSB) and will direct you to a suitable contact person. We do not take any steps in this process without you or your consent.

We draw attention to discrimination through events and other activities. Interested students and employees of the faculty are always welcome to discuss with us and to develop ideas for further activities.

If you are interested in joining the Confidence Team, you can attend one of our meetings and "get a taste". The meetings take place in a 4-6 week rhythm and are announced to students and staff of the faculty in advance by e-mail. However, there may be items on the agenda that cannot be discussed with all participants due to confidential concerns.

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