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Outpatient Medicine

Outpatient medicine has always played an important role in health care. In most cases, the first contact with the health care system takes place in the practice of a physician in private practice. The type of treatment and the communication with the patients sometimes decide on the success of the treatment or the further course of the treatment and the compliance of the patients. Since many diseases that required hospitalization years ago can now be treated on an outpatient basis, the relevance of outpatient medicine in health care is increasing. Last but not least, the outpatient sector is facing the challenge of ensuring long-term care for the population close to their homes in view of demographic change.

The Medical School OWL is therefore particularly concerned to strengthen outpatient medicine and to give it a new profile in view of the numerous challenges it faces. This means integrating relevant content into the education of future students and specifically promoting opportunities for outpatient practice during their studies. At the same time, research must address the numerous questions arising from the practice of office-based physicians in a cooperative process.

Teaching Practices- Teaching in Outpatient Care

In the Medical School OWL, outpatient medicine will be a special focus of the student training. A prerequisite for this is the close cooperation of the Medical School OWL with physicians in private practice, both at the teaching and research levels. For this purpose, a comprehensive network of teaching practices is being established in Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

Research Practices- Research in Outpatient Care

The Medical School OWL is committed to strengthening research in outpatient care. So-called research practices from the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region are to be gained as cooperation partners with whom joint research projects are planned and realized.

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