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Contact and advice centres

The Medical School OWL and Bielefeld University offer a variety of counselling services to help with questions about studying, academic progress and other concerns.

In addition, there are special counselling services that focus on health and studying with disabilities.


Student Counselling Service Medicine:

Sarah-Louise Bartscher

  • Counselling for cross-module and module-independent concerns of students
  • Initial counselling for prospective students
  • Counselling for professionally qualified (person)
  • Counselling on disadvantage compensation

Dr Karoline Malchus

  • Counselling on the course of study in the Modules "Introduction to Medical Studies", "Musculoskeletal System I" and "Scientific Thinking and Action"

Eva-Luzia Stratmann

  • Counselling on the course of study in the Modules "Circulation & Respiration I" and "Metabolism & Digestion I"

Anna Christmann

  • Advice on the course of study in the "Urogenital System I" and "Blood & Immune System I" Modules

Sina Blome

  • Counselling on the course of study in the Modules "Brain, Nerves & Psyche I" and "Sensory Organs I"

Dr rer. nat. Melanie Brand

  • Counselling on the course of studies in the Modules "Regulation I" and "Beginning of Life I"
  • Advice on the ERASMUS+ programme

Prof. MD Hendrik Friederichs

  • Counselling for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Medical examination office

  • Counselling on examinations
  • Counselling on the recognition of study and examination achievements

Teaching Coordination University Hospital OWL

Maike Twelker Protestant Hospital Bethel

Jasmine Gabriel Clinical Centre Bielefeld

Serge Schüßler Lippe Hospital

Family-friendly universities

  • Information for pregnant students and students with children

Dealing with diversity

  • Diversity at Bielefeld University
  • Gender and diversity in research and teaching
  • Information for TIN* students
  • All-gender toilets at the Faculty of Medicine

Career development

  • Doctorate/Phd studies
  • Post-doctoral habilitation

Student Advising and Counselling Service (ZSB)

ZAB - the accessibility services (ZAB):

  • Contact point for the Representative for Severely Disabled Students and the Representative for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses
  • Counselling for questions about studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Support for teaching staff, instructors, lectures in the implementation of barrier-free courses

Family service:

  • Counselling and information services on studying with child(ren) and on balancing studies and family life

International Office:

  • Initial counselling for prospective international students
  • Counselling for Bielefeld students, professors and employees who intend to study abroad
  • Awarding scholarships to international and German students
  • Summer German courses for international students and graduates

PAdUB - Psychotherapy outpatient clinic at Bielefeld University:

Diagnostics, individual and group psychotherapy

Counselling services of the Frauenennotruf e.V.:

  • Counselling centre for women after sexualised violence
  • Counselling in a safe environment
  • There are open student consulting hours every Thursday at Bielefeld University


Further counselling services at Bielefeld University can be found here.


Below you will find various services that can help you cope with mental health challenges. As a rule, you should also consult your family doctor:

As a rule of thumb, general practitioner care should be sought first, followed by specialist care from a psychiatrist if somatic clarification or further medical treatment is necessary. Finally, outpatient psychotherapy, whether by a psychologist or a doctor, should be considered.

The patient service - 116117:

  • For urgent emergencies

Psychotherapists in Bielefeld:

  • The Green Pages serve as an orientation aid in the search for a therapy place and the selection of a therapist.

Psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic:

  • Possibility of a psychotherapy place
  • Student consulting hours by telephone

Women's helpline Bielefeld e.V.:

For emergencies:

Social psychiatric service:

Counselling for people...

  • ...with mental health problems,
  • ...with a mental illness,
  • ...alcohol and drug addiction,
  • current crisis situations,
  • ...with suicidal thoughts.

Relatives, friends, etc. who are worried about people with mental health problems can also contact the social psychiatric service.







Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses may need advice and support in their day-to-day studies. In this regard, there are various counselling contact points at the Medical School OWL that have the necessary expertise to support the everyday life of these staff, people:

Prof Dr MD Hendrik Friederichs

  • Counselling for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Sarah-Louise Bartscher

  • Student Counselling Service Medicine - advice for cross-module and module-independent concerns of students
  • Contact point for disadvantage compensation

Student Counselling Service

  • If you would like to talk to someone from your degree programme first or do not know who to contact with your concerns, you can contact the Student Counselling Service.

In addition to the services offered by the Faculty, there is also Bielefeld University's Central Accessibility Services (ZAB) and the Student Advising and Counselling Service (ZSB), which also offers general and psychological counselling.


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