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    Grafik vom Gebäude R.1 der Medizinischen Fakultät OWL
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Skills Lab

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Where is the Skills Lab?

The Skills Lab is currently located in the R.1 building at Morgenbreede 1, 33615 Bielefeld. It is divided into areas A0 and C0 on the ground floor.

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The Skills Lab at the Medical School OWL is a special learning environment in which medical students learn practical medical skills. From the first semester onwards, small groups are trained in conversation and examination techniques as well as therapeutic interventions. This takes place in a controlled and safe environment - without worrying about making mistakes.

The graphic shows the areas of the skills lab that are important for teaching and students to experience typical professional situations and learn how to deal with them correctly. The following areas are shown around the "Skills Lab" centre: learning practical medical skills, communication skills, hands-on skills, learning in small groups, simulation of typical professional situations, practical rooms & materials, simulation zones, safe learning environment.

In the skills lab, students go through a wide range of typical professional situations, which are simulated with the help of simulators and models, but also with actors (simulators). Simulated persons mime patients, for example in anamnesis and clarification interviews, and give students re-enrolment on their experience in the patient role. Other practical skills such as taking blood samples, physical examination methods or resuscitation in the event of circulatory arrest are practised using simulators - or, where appropriate, practised on each other.

The skills lab therefore enables medical students to practise practical medical skills in a safe environment before working directly on patients. It is therefore the link between their theoretical training and their clinical work.

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