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Quality management and evaluation

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Dr. Miriam Pankatz-Reuß

Dr. Miriam Pankatz-Reuß

Evaluation | Qualitätsmanagement | Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

+49 521 106-67464
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Teaching evaluation in medical studies

With the decision to create a model degree programme in medicine, Bielefeld University is consciously striving to break new ground in medical education. This project is accompanied by an extensive evaluation, which allows opportunities and challenges to be quickly identified.

Processes in medicine

At the end of the modules and additionally at the end of the semester, students are surveyed using comprehensive questionnaires and asked for re-enrolment on overarching aspects of their studies, on the content and organisation of the modules and on individual teaching staff, instructors and lectures.

The overarching aspects include participation in courses and reasons for absence, the amount of work involved in the programme and the perceived level of difficulty of the examinations. Additional factors are integrated on an ad hoc basis in order to be able to orientate decisions on the further development of the curriculum - as far as possible and didactically sensible - to the needs of the students. Students can also make suggestions in the form of free feedback.

Individual teaching staff are evaluated using standardised blocks of questions, which can be supplemented or changed in consultation with the teaching staff in order to obtain targeted feedback on specific aspects of teaching.

In the history of the further development of the evaluation system of the Medical School OWL, the questionnaire is subjected to a process evaluation after each evaluation cycle and adapted if necessary. An example of a questionnaire can be found under this link. The questionnaires are sent out using the "evasys" tool and the evaluation is partially automated.

In the middle of each module block, open exchange meetings - so-called module barometers - take place, to which all students of the modules are invited. On the Faculty side, the Dean of Studies, the QM officer and the responsible module coordinator are involved. The aim is to discuss current concerns about teaching and organisation in the module and, if possible, to derive measures that seem suitable to eliminate or reduce existing problems before the end of the module. In addition, reasons for decisions in the curriculum can be made transparent and discussed.

In addition to the fixed formats described so far, both quantitative and qualitative formats take place as required in order to be able to react flexibly to the requirements of a degree programme that is still being developed.


Students and teaching staff who would like to provide re-enrolment or suggestions for the design of teaching independently of the standardised procedures described above are welcome to do so via email to! For concerns relating to individual study modules or courses, it is best to contact the responsible module coordinator(Faculty counselling service) or the teaching staff, instructors, lectures directly.


The data collected within the framework of quality management and evaluation is subject to data protection in accordance with Bielefeld University's quality management regulations for teaching and learning. We do not pass on personal data and only process it in anonymised form. If we are of the opinion that concerns that we have received in the form of a personal email, for example, should be processed elsewhere, we will consult with the sender.

If you have any concerns or questions about data protection, please write to

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