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Dr. Frank Lohkamp

Geschäftsführer Medizinische Fakultät

+49 521 106-67424
Telephone secretary
+49 521 106-67452
R.1 D3-110

An important pillar of medical studies is clinical training in hospitals. Bielefeld University will not operate its own teaching hospital. Instead, it will cooperate with various hospital authorities in the region who will jointly form the "University Hospital OWL of Bielefeld University". Based on a draft contract for the future University Hospital OWL of Bielefeld University, talks are currently being held with three hospital authorities (Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel, Klinikum Lippe, Städtisches Klinikum Bielefeld). The discussions have been concluded in July 2019 and the contractual agreements have been signed. It is also expected that further clinics will be sought next year to strengthen the university hospital network. It is expected that courses and research will begin in these hospitals in the winter semester of 2021/2022.