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  • Department of Psychology

    EEG Cap
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General Psychology II

Electrodes in Water

Research Goals:

  • The Affective Neuropsychology Group studies: 
  • Emotional processing in humans 
  • Its underlying neural mechanisms


  • The influence of emotions on attention and memory processes modulation
  • Communicative aspects of emotions in the processing of language and faces 
  • The role of emotions in man-machine interactions

Study Focus:

  • Typical processes in healthy people 
  • Atypical processes as observed in neurological and psychiatric disorders 


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of emotional processing
  • Especially of residual brain functions in patients with severe brain injuries (unresponsive wakefulness and minimal consciousness state) and in developing ways to improve their disease-course with emotional stimulation


  • Epilepsy Clinic Mara  
  • House Elim within the Bethel institution. 
  • CITEC groups: Neuroinformatics group, Computer Graphics. 
  • Several other national and international collaborations
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Single Electrode

Research Methodology

  • Electroencephalography (EEG),
  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
  • Behavioural measures. 


  • Several behavioural and EEG-labrooms

The Work in Electroencephalographical (EEG) Labs:

  • Measuring electric brain activity by means of sensors
  • Background:
    • The activity of the wake human brain generates electric fields 
    • The intensity changes with different brain activities in the order of millionth parts of a volt
    • These changes are being recorded with millisecond precision.
    • For those recordings we use sensor-nets with 32 channels up to high-density with 128 channels.

ActiveTwo systems by Biosemi: 

  • One 128-channel EEG-device 
  • One 32-channel EEG-device
  • TMSi Refa multi-channel amplifier (32 channels & 8 external electrodes & ground electrode)
  • EEG low noise cap with 32 build-in electrodes & ground electrode

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