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Internship in OWL

  • Historic Buildings in Bielefeld
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    Bielefeld Historic Center.
  • People visiting the Leinewebermarkt in the Historic Center
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    The "Bielefelder Leinewebermarkt"
  • Building of the Bielefeld Art Gallery at dusk
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    Bielefeld Art Gallery
  • Landscape at sunrise with trees and a meadow
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    Landscape of Bielefeld.
  • View on the City of Bielefeld at dusk
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    The City of Bielefeld.
  • Stands and People at the Christmas Market in the City
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    Christmas Market in Bielefeld.
  • Aeral view on Bielefeld
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    Bielefeld from above.
  • Yellow flowers at the Obersee
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    Obersee in Bielefeld.
  • Blooming trees at Ravensberger Park
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    Ravensberger Park.

Are you interested in gaining international work experience? As a student from the University of Alberta, the MacEwan University, the Concordia University of Edmonton, or the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, you have the opportunity to pursue an internship in OWL, Germany. Internships are offered at one of the faculties at Bielefeld University, Paderborn University, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts, OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts or with companies in the region.

How to apply

Internship postings are published on this website. To apply, please always first contact the International Office at your home university, who will connect you with the internship provider at the universities or companies in OWL.

Support during your stay

As an intern, you will receive support from the universities to help you settle in, get acquainted with the German language and culture, and make the most of your stay in OWL.

  • TPÜ GmbH in collaboration with HSBI_Technical Subjects here
  • HSBI, Center for Applied Data Science (CfADS) here

  • HSBI, Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics (for students studying Chemistry, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Applied Biology, or Engineering) here

  • HSBI, International Office here

  • Paderborn University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities here

  • Paderborn University, Direct Manufacturing Research Center here

  • Paderborn University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Particle Technology Group here

  • Bielefeld University, Faculty of Law here

  • Bielefeld University, Faculty of Biology here

  • Bielefeld University, Educational Science with focus on Theory and History of Inclusive Education here

  • Bielefeld University, German School here



Helen with two Colleagues in an office
© Bielefeld Marketing GmbH

Helen, 2019 – Internship at Bielefeld University, Faculty of Law

“My take-aways from Bielefeld are a deeper appreciation and knowledge […], a much better and deeper vocabulary than when I started; increased fluency in German; and, always the best, some wonderful new friendships which I look forward to developing further. I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

If you have the chance to come here, do. It’s an amazing opportunity and experience, and you won’t regret it. The research is current and applicable. The memories you’ll make are golden. And the relationships, you’ll want to keep for a lifetime”

View the Testimonial Helen, 2019 here:



Kaylee in front of a landscape with forest
© Bielefeld Marketing GmbH

Kaylee, 2019 – Internship at Bielefeld University, Faculty of Biology

“My favourite part of the internship was meeting new people through the university. When I arrived in Germany, I was matched with a mentor who spent time with me, answered any questions I had, and helped me adjust to the country a lot quicker. We spent time together every week and she planned fun things for us to do around Bielefeld. I also met so many kind people in my working group at the university. They all were extremely welcoming and helped me not only in the lab, but also with everything else! They taught me so much about the language, country, and way of living in Germany. My new friends helped me adjust quickly and experience Germany in a way that I could have never done by just travelling through the country as a tourist. 

My trip to Germany was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I wish my internship had been longer, and I definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is considering it!”

View the Testimonial Kaylee, 2019 here:

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