• Coronavirus
  • Symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Hygiene Measures
  • Symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Hygiene Measures

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If you have symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you feel unwell and have flu-like symptoms, you should contact your local GP – but most importantly - in the first instance only by phone. The doctor will tell you what happens next. This is to prevent the spread of possible infection to other patients in the GP surgery waiting room. If you are ill, stay at home.

Instructions on what to do in suspected and confirmed cases

Particularly a fever, coughing, shortness of breath, and disturbances to smell and taste can be signs of infection with the coronavirus.

Staff with corresponding symptoms are requested to leave the university campus immediately or to stay at home. Until their health status has been clarified medically, they are deemed to be unfit for work. As usual, superiors must be informed of the inability to work.

Superiors will forward the information regarding the suspected case to the email address coronavirus@uni-bielefeld.de.

Affected persons should immediately contact a doctor or the public health authorities by telephone for clarification. If the suspected infection is confirmed, the staff member concerned must either send the relevant information her- or himself to the email address coronavirus@uni-bielefeld.de or ask the superior responsible to do so.

After a positive test result has been determined, affected persons may not enter the university buildings for at least 14 days (from the date of diagnosis)—irrespective of any quarantine order issued by the public health authorities. They may enter the university again only after 14 days after being at least 2 days without symptoms (exception: if the public health authorities extend the 14-day obligatory quarantine).

In the case of a confirmed positive case of coronavirus, the following guidelines must be used for contact tracing:

In accordance with § 7 of the Quarantine Ordinance NRW of 30.11.2020, persons testing positive are required to immediately inform all persons (private and official contacts) with whom they have been in close personal contact either in the four days prior to the test, or before the appearance of symptoms, or since the test was carried out. These are those persons with whom there has been contact for a period of more than 15 minutes and at a distance of less than 1.5 metres in which both parties were either not wearing a regular mask on in which a poorly or unventilated room was shared for a longer period of time.

For information on contacts while carrying out official duties, persons who test positive must inform their superior as soon as possible so that this superior can take all further action.

If a person living in your home falls ill and shows such symptoms (suspected case), please contact your supervisor and clarify the further procedure (e.g. remaining in home office).

Employees who live in a household with a person who has tested positive (confirmed case) are obliged under § 3 paragraph 1 of the Quarantine Ordinance of 30.11.2020 of North Rhine-Westphalia to also self-quarantine immediately after the household member’s positive test result is known and to inform the appropriate health authorities. This does not apply to persons who have had no contact with the person who tested positive since the time of the test, no contact with the person who tested positive in the last ten days prior to this time, and who themselves do not show any symptoms of illness.

Hygiene Measures

You should wash your hands regularly with plenty of soap and water and make use of the hand-sanitiser and surface disinfectants stations available in the washrooms and at the University entrances. If you don’t have a tissue, you should cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow rather than your hands. Employees, teaching staff and students are also expressly requested not to shake hands at present and to keep distance from one another, which should, of course, not be interpreted as unfriendliness.