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  • Help and Emergency

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Threatening situations

Police, safety services and threat management

Above all, if you feel threatened on campus and you sense that an act of violence is imminent, call the police. Please use the in-house emergency number to do so:

Emergency call (University internal landline) 110 Emergency call (from mobile phone) 0521 - 106 110

Your call will be answered by the University?s central control. The central control will alarm the police and take further steps as necessary.

If you feel unsafe at any time, you can contact the University?s security service. They can escort you within the campus on your way to the car park, the bus stop or to your student halls of residence.

Phone (University internal landline) 3277 Phone (from mobile phone) 0521 - 106 3277 Building/ room X E0-206 E-Mail

Please report all incidents, including threats via phone, email or social media, to the The threat management team will contact those affected, assess the level of danger, and examine what steps can be taken. The Advisory Service for Employees and Management (for staff members) and the Central Advising and Advisory Service for Students support you in dealing with psychological stress caused by threats and threatening situations.

Further technical possibilities to receive or raise alarms

In addition to the emergency and crisis app, which allows all persons at the University to trigger an SOS alarm or to telephone for assistance when threatened or in threatening situations, the University provides a „silent alarm“ specifically to its staff members.

If you think that you are being or could be exposed to threatening and escalating events by third parties and that an act of violence cannot be ruled out, please contact us at or We will then get in contact with you.

How to behave in crisis situations

For a number of years now, Bielefeld University has been dealing with the issue of possible crisis situations. It has been developing and implementing a comprehensive security concept as a preventative measure, but also in reaction to actual events. This concept focuses on three aspects: prevention before an event (threat management), intervention during the event (crisis management) and follow-up care after the event (psychosocial emergency care). Crises, as defined by crisis management, are acute and urgent emergencies. In the area of crisis management, possible crisis scenarios were identified in advance and their probability of occurrence and impact were evaluated (risk assessment according to Nohl). On the basis of this assessment, processes for managing the various scenarios were developed and detailed in a management manual supplied to the actors involved. In the area of crisis management, all scenarios are conceivable in the abstract, e.g:

  • Amok or terror situations
  • Fire
  • CBRN situations (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear hazards)
  • Explosive devices
  • Taking of hostages
  • Severe weather conditions

The aim of crisis management is to take precautionary measures to protect the lives and health of people on the University campus and avoid risks to the environment. In the context of crisis management, the University has acquired a smartphone-based platform to effectively alert, distribute information and to facilitate communication in crisis situations - the crisis and emergency app EVALARM. The crisis and emergency app is an additional means of reporting hazardous situations on campus to the existing fire alarm systems.

You too can take precautionary measures in case of an emergency. Please note down your room number near the telephone. In this way, you can immediately recall your room number when you make an emergency call.

In an emergency:

  • Keep calm
  • Warn and help endangered persons
  • If necessary, provide first aid
  • Follow the instructions in the app or follow the instructions of the emergency services

Feeling unsafe on campus

If your feeling of security is negatively affected through certain environmental conditions at the University, please contact the central control. This concerns the following issues:

  • Defective lighting
  • Missing lighting systems
  • Bushes too high
  • Paths that are difficult to see
Phone (University internal landline) 7777
Phone (from mobile phone) 0521 - 106 7777

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