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  • Diversity

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No Place for Prejudice

University campaign to promote respectful relations, tolerance and civil courage

Everyone is prejudiced in the sense that they make assumptions about other people. These assumptions can be positive, but also negative. They can be kept to oneself or communicated openly. What is certain is that negative prejudices denigrate, exclude and discriminate. They deny opportunities, also at universities.

To tackle this problem, the Rektorat of Bielefeld University and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IKG) have launched the campaign "University without Prejudice". Its aim is to take a clear stand against the denigration, exclusion and discrimination of groups and to promote the University as a place of equality and tolerance.

The campaign includes a lecture series offered in each semester, the distribution of leaflets and badges, in particular to new students. Furthermore, it encompasses a variety of training courses for teaching staff and students, which are offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (in German) , and AStA (Student Union) in cooperation with the Mobile Counsel against Right-wing Extremism (MBR) (in German).

Professor Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer, Rektor of Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University is proud to be an open-minded and diverse Institute of Higher Education. People from diverse backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation, with or without disabilities enrich our university. There is no room for prejudice and intolerance. With this campaign we are sending a clear signal for tolerance, civil courage and respectful relations with one another at Bielefeld University.


Professor Dr. Andreas Zick, Head of the Institute for interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG).

The Institute deals with intolerance from a scientific perspective. At the same time we are also engaged in actively combating and preventing discrimination on a practical level. Right-wing extremism is just one specific form of discrimination. People with disabilities or people from different ethnic groups are also victims of prejudice. If we do not address the problem of intolerance then there is a danger that it will creep into the university.

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