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Organisation Structure Overview

Head Office Phone +49 521 106- Room
Director Barbara Knorn
4050 U3-108
Permanent Deputy Director Dirk Pieper
4049 U3-111
Secretary's Office Sylvia Lakebrink
4051 U3-107
Project Coordinator and Innovation Management Officer Jochen Schirrwagen
4047 L3-128
Open Science Officer of the University Jochen Schirrwagen
4047 L3-128
Building Affairs Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf
3036 E1-138
Public Relations Jost Lechte
3806 U1-135
Alexander Alexeev
87815 U0-237
Michelle Jelting
4112 U0-237
LibTec - Library Technology and Knowledge Management
Head of Division Artur Nold
4056 L3-120
Deputy Head Vitali Peil
4010 L3-128
Academic Staff
Head of Division Jost Lechte
3806 U1-135
Subject Librarians Staff Academic Service
Research Data Management Anne Gärtner
3967 Bldg. X F1-220
Dr. Johanna Vompras
4731 V1-141
Bibliometrics Dr. Niels Taubert
4657 L4-114
Dept. 1: Library Administration
Head of Department Bettina Koeper
4057 U3-112
Supervisor Sabine Jonscher
4061 U3-102
Personnel Matters, Library Professionals Training Officer Jessica Schmidt
3395 U3-116
Dept. 2: Media Preparation
Head of Department Dr. Silvia Herb
4012 U3-204
Deputy Head of Department Edith Rimmert
3041 Bldg. X F1-240
Supervisor Acquisitions Susanne Schicke
4015 U3-228
Monographs Brigitte van Ledden
4018 U3-224
Serials Tanja Bartz
4017 U3-219
Theses and Exchange Department Bettina Weingarten
4021 U3-208
Accounting Department Monika Toumli
4041 U3-238
Supervisor Cataloguing Kristina Hügel
4030 U3-210
Supervisor Technical Book Processing (Bookbindery, Binding, Physical Preparations Unit) Heike Trummel
3396 T1-102
Dept. 3: User Services Department
Head of Department Dr. Sabine Rahmsdorf
3036 E1-138
Deputy Head of Department Cindy Kathke
4064 E1-144
Supervisor Library Service Center (BDZ) Ralf Hofacker
4032 U0-243
BDZ, Team Management Digitization and Document Delivery Ulrike Sambale
4039 U0-245
BDZ, Team Management Digital Services Sebastian Wolf
4044 V1-232
BDZ, Team Management Information Britta Steffen
86572 U0-237
Supervisor of Departmental Libraries
15, 17-21, 23, 30
Doris Köhler
3417 C1-134
Supervisor of Departmental Libraries
05, 12, 14, 22, 26, 27
Elke Neumann
3035 Bldg. X F1-204
Supervisor of Departmental Libraries
07, 10, 11, 13, 16
Mareike Amsbeck
4728 V1-131

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