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Publication and Affiliation Guidelines of Bielefeld University

The publication and affiliation guidelines of Bielefeld University in the version of 16 May 2023 for download as PDF (German).

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Bielefeld University recommends that its affiliates use the official name of the university in German or English for all their publications:

German:  Universität Bielefeld | English: Bielefeld University

If, in addition to the name of the main institution, the closer institutional affiliation is to be indicated, this should correspond to the following scheme: 

Bielefeld University, name of the faculty / central academic institute

Bielefeld University also expressly recommends that its affiliates register with ORCID and use this author identifier.


The unambiguous assignment of scientific publications to the authors and their respective institutions is of essential importance for the visibility and findability of publications and research data. The recognition of individually and institutionally provided research achievements is a prerequisite for careers in the science system as well as for the acquisition of third-party funding. The aim of this publication and affiliation guideline is to ensure that publications, including software and research data, can be clearly assigned and documented for the benefit of authors of Bielefeld University and their institution.

With this publication and affiliation guideline, Bielefeld University specifies a standardised affiliation designation in German and English. This guideline is in accordance with the "Recommendation on guidelines for stating affiliations in publications" of the  German Rectors' Conference of 24 April 2018 and the "Guidelines and Rules of Procedure for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice at Bielefeld University” from 9 February 2023.

It is recommended that these official designations be used throughout the publication process, as well as wherever institutional research facilities need to be named.

Scope of validity

The purpose of this guideline is to clearly and uniformly designate Bielefeld University in publications in the broadest sense. In addition to scientific publications in journals, conference proceedings, books and compilations, this also includes research data and software as well as presentations and lectures at conferences, congresses and meetings. It applies in accordance with the North Rhine-Westphalia Higher Education Act (HG-NRW) §9 paragraph 1 to all members of Bielefeld University who provide research output or contribute to it within the scope of their activities at Bielefeld University.

Standardised name of Bielefeld University

The official name of Bielefeld University is:

Universität Bielefeld

or in English

Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University (or Universität Bielefeld) is to be mentioned as the highest level of institutional affiliation in every publication. Preferably, Bielefeld University should be named first if possible, taking into account the rules of the publication venue and the respective subject culture. Authors can also indicate their closer institutional affiliation (e.g. faculty, central academic institute, collaborative research centre, working groups).


First name Last namea
Bielefeld University, Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec)  

For all information, please refer the official German and English names on the university websites of the faculties and central academic institutes.

Information in case of multiple institutional affiliation

If a person has multiple institutional affiliations, all corresponding institutions must be indicated as affiliations, provided that substantial research achievements related to the publication have been carried out there. The first affiliation should be the institution where the research work was primarily performed.


First name Last namea,b

aBielefeld University, Faculty of Technology
bBielefeld University, Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)

Use of standardised identifiers for the institution

In the publication submission process, publishers often require the authors’ affiliation. If so, standardised identifiers for institutions are increasingly being queried. In particular, the following identifiers are used for Bielefeld University:

Identifier Type Identifier of
Bielefeld University
URL Remark
ROR 02hpadn98 List of official names of scientific institutions and their associated identifiers
ISNI 0000000109449128 ISO-standardised identifier for creative persons and organisations
Crossref Funder ID 501100005721 Identifier in the Crossref directory for research funders
Wikidata Q24382 Identifier for digital objects in the free and open knowledge base

Use of standardised identifiers for authors

In order to ensure a correct and complete assignment of publications, the uniform spelling of one's own name is recommended in all scientific publications. In addition, all members of the university are strongly recommended to register with ORCID and to use this identifier consistently in everyday scientific life. The "Open Researcher  and Contributor iD" (ORCID-iD) enables the person to be clearly linked to publications, research data and other products of the research process. Bielefeld University’s repository for publications and research data (PUB) has integrated ORCID and  thus  enables automatic data exchange between PUB and the respective ORCID author profile. This is also intended for Bielefeld University’s research information system introduced in 2023.

Designation of funding bodies

In the case of publications that are produced in the context of third-party funding, the third-party funding organisation must be named in accordance with its specifications in the so-called Funding Acknowledgement. In addition to the name of the funding organisation(s), the file numbers of the funding approval (e.g. grant ID, award number) must usually also be indicated.

Information and advice

The University Library advises and supports all authors at Bielefeld University on questions regarding affiliation information and the recording of publications in the Research Information System / Repository.

Coming into force

These publication and affiliation guidelines come into force on the day after publication in the Official Notices of Bielefeld University.

Issued on the basis of the resolution of the Rectorate of Bielefeld University of 07 March 2023 (German).

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