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University Electoral Committee


The new so-called "Future of higher education act" (HZG) of North Rhine-Westphalia came into effect on 1 October 2014 issuing in many changes to the Higher Education Act (HG). Each university will have a new central organ, the University Electoral Committee. Half of this is made up of all Senate members and the other half from all members of the University Council. Members of the University Electoral Committee who are eligible to vote consist of all members of the eligible Senate members as well as external members belonging to the University Council of Bielefeld University. Members who have the right to vote will elect a chairperson from their number as well as a vice-chairperson. The University Electoral Committee meetings are open to the general public, as are the Senate meetings.

The main task of the University electoral Committee is to elect the members of the Rektorat. The University Electoral Committee elects members using the majority of votes from the body as a whole and the majority of votes from each of its two halves.

Apart from the University Electoral Committee, the main organs of the University are as stipulated by § 14 of the Higher Education Act of NRW, the Rector, the Rectorate, the University Council of Bielefeld University and the Senate.

For information in accordance with § 17 of anti-corruption law concerning the members of the University Electoral Committee of Bielefeld University, please contact Department II, Mr Nübel (Academic Affairs, office: main university building C0 268, phone: 0521-106-5227).



In the University Electoral Comittee on June, the 28th 2019 Rector Professor Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer has been confirmed for a third term by a large majority of the members of the University Electoral Committee.


  • Current Members of Bielefeld University Council
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Contact persons: Dr. Gerd Meier and Daniele Resta

Secretary's office: Anja Ebner

Office: university main building (UHG) U7 - 238

Email: hswv@uni-bielefeld.de

Phone: +49 521 106-6978