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EUB Office

Dr. Eva-Maria Berens
+49(0)521 106-4468
Office T5-241

Office Hours by arrangement

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Before submitting an application, please check whether you are eligible to apply and whether your project can be assessed by the EUB in principle. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on applications are listed here.

Application procedure

Required documents

Please fill in the basic questionnaire for your study completely.

If all questions are answered with "no", you can submit the application. No further documents are required.

If you have answered one or more questions of the basic questionnaire with "yes", the detailed questionnaire must be completed in addition to the basic questionnaire. Please also enclose the participant information (template available upon request), the consent form as well as details on the exact procedure of the investigation (e.g. questionnaires). Synopses or a separate concept of data security should not be enclosed.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the design of study are listed here.


Applications must be submitted to the EUB's Office in electronic form via e-mail. Please send your application with the subject line "Ethics application" to the EUB’s office and attach all application documents (basic questionnaire, detailed questionnaire and attachments, if necessary) as one PDF file.

If it is necessary to submit documents that cannot be sent in PDF format (e.g. video material), please attach them separately in electronic form or send three copies to the EUB Office, marked with the name of the applicant.

Application forms will usually not be returned to the applicants. One copy will be archived for 10 years.

Application forms

Basic Questionnaire (docx) (new Version of 22/06/08)

Detailed Questionnaire (docx) (new Version of 22/06/08)

Guidance for Applicants (pdf)

For German application forms see German website of the EUB.

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