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Youth and trainee representation


Bielefeld University is large. This also applies to the number of trainees. With over 70 trainees in 13 different occupations, the university is one of the largest providers of education and training in the area. What does that mean for you? That you are part of a large community that also wants to be noticed. But how does that work exactly - does everyone look after themselves? Of course not, because that's what the youth and trainee representatives are for. This consists of five representatives who are elected by the trainees every two years. This means that you can also vote and be elected. But what exactly do we do?

We represent the trainees and young employees of Bielefeld University.

Our tasks include among others:

  • Representation of the interests of the apprentices
  • Requesting measures that serve the young people and apprentices
  • Applying and monitoring applicable laws, tariffs, regulations, etc.
  • Supporting the integration of young people and apprentices of foreign origin
  • Solving your problems (which may also be of a private nature!)

Is your interest awakened? Then come and visit us! But you are also welcome to visit us just for a chat. You can meet us every Tuesday from 14:15 to about 15 o'clock in L4-110.


...By the way, of course we are also contact persons for the trainers. If you would like our support in conflicts of any kind, please contact us. Because sometimes it is easier to mediate from trainee to trainee.

This is us...

The current JAV (since August 2021):

The JAV currently consists of three people:

Sophia Giordano (Chairwoman)


Phone: +49 521 106-3418  

Dominic Sturm (Vice chairman)


Phone+49 521 106-86615

Nicolas Finn Bauer

Phone: +49 521 106-8611  

but who are we exactly?

Hey, my name is Sophia and I successfully completed my training in the library as a FAMI (Fachangestellte für Medien- und Informationsdienste - Bibliothek) a few years ago. Since then, I have been working in the library's Linguistics and Literary Studies Department.
In my free time I read a lot and watch movies with my friends.

My name is Dominic and I successfully completed my training as FiSi (Fachinformatiker Fachrichtung Systemintegration) at BITS (at that time still HRZ). Currently I am working in the area of MEDiS and 2nd level Desktopsupport. MEDiS is responsible for the repair of student laptops.
I love to travel and try to see as much of the world as possible!

My name is Nico Bauer and I...

You want to visit us or you want to talk to us? Then get in touch with us.

Location: Room L4-110
Consultation hours: Tuesday from 14:15 until 15:00
Phone: +49 521-106-4227

We are also available outside of office hours at any time! Just send us an e-mail.

You are also welcome to contact us directly (phone or email).

What we have achieved

We as JAV stand up for all topics concerning the apprenticeship and the apprentices!

Among other things, we have achieved:

  • That the trainee ticket is paid for by the university.

In addition, we as JAV members continue our education for you!

In the training we exchange with other JAVs from all over NRW, learn the legal basics and how we can better enforce ourselves in the university.

What we are currently working on

Of course, we continue to be committed to you!

Our current projects are:

  • The planning of the JA-Versammlung
    • Annual meeting of the trainees and the JAV-members, where different information of the JAV and the trainees (problems, news...) are exchanged.
  • Assistance in the planning of the introduction days for the new apprentices
    • Planning of the company inspections
  • Inspection of your departments in order to regulate possible deficiencies and conflicts. (Betriebsbegehung)

Contacts / Contact persons

ou have a problem and don't know exactly where to go? Feel free to come to us! If we don't know where to go, there are still several contact points that can help you.

Of course we will support you, be it to fix a date or other issues. It is not a shame to ask for help, but a sign of courage.

Within the university there are various contact points that will be happy to help you!


The Representative Council for Severely Disabled Persons is the direct point of contact for the concerns of people with severe disabilities.


The Equal Opportunities Office is responsible for all matters relating to equal opportunities at the university. The Equal Opportunity Office advises, supports, controls - and also initiates changes.


Ulf Kirse oder Heidrun Kuhnt

University psychologist who helps with various problems, including private. The offer is free of charge and can be used at any time.



The Staff Council is committed to the issues and concerns of employers in technology and administration.

The members of the Staff Council are also available for personal discussions, which are of course treated confidentially.


Betriebsärztlicher Dienst

Contact point for first aid and various other issues (e.g. computer glasses for poor eyesight)



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