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  • Innovative and modern environment

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Benefits at Bielefeld University - Innovative and modern environment

A working environment close to science, a mission with high social relevance and the first-hand experience of constant change and progress - these aspects make working at the university particularly meaningful. In addition, a state-of-the-art workstation with a laptop, several screens if required and a personalised desk is a matter of course. University administration is now largely digitalised, making processes efficient.

Voices from the university

Helping to shape something new

PD Dr.-Ing. Sven Wachsmuth, Head of Central Laboratory (Faculty of Technology)

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Bielefeld University

"When I think of Bielefeld University, the term "curiosity" immediately comes to mind - in the best sense of the word. I started studying Computer Science here in 1992 and have always felt very much at home at the university. One of the reasons for this is that there is always a spirit of optimism. In terms of my area of expertise, I experienced this, for example, at the Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) 360, where I did my doctorate after graduating, but also when CoR-Lab and CITEC - Cognitive Interaction Technology came into being.

For me, the university has remained young after all these years; time and time again, it has the courage to change and build something new - and offers employees opportunities to get involved and help shape new structures, projects and fields. By creating a co-operative, informal environment, the university helps employees to develop their own creativity. I also find it very positive that - thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the university - it is easy to work together with other departments.

I'm currently a Privatdozent [senior lecturer] at the Faculty of Technology, where I'm also head of the central laboratory. Among other things, I coordinate the student RoboCup team, which is working for a year on developing a service robot to take part in an international competition. What I enjoy most about my work is seeing how the students I supervise develop and getting them excited about the field of research - as well as the fact that I can always be there when new projects start, participate in them myself and accompany doctoral students on their way."

PD Dr Sven Wachsmuth

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