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CeUS Blog

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News about the Center for Uncertainty Studies (CeUS) and contributions from current research can be found on the CeUS Blog.

Center for Uncertainty Studies

Universität Bielefeld
© Uni Bielefeld / Philipp Ottendörfer

CeUS is a knowledge platform for the development of inter- and transdisciplinary "Uncertainty Studies" at Bielefeld University. CeUS documents, connects and presents not only research on "Uncertainty" but also knowledge on this topic in general. It creates a platform for faculties, institutes and research networks that touch the field of Uncertainty Research and offers new opportunities especially for young academics. Within the framework of the "Young Scholar Network", "Uncertainty Studies" from Bielefeld become visible for international research and opportunities for exchange arise.  Thanks to its adaptable structure, CeUS is able to bundle, connect and produce knowledge quickly, continuously and independently. In addition to the expansion of existing research foci, new, innovative research ideas are developed.

Contact us

For questions about the Center you can contact the founding members Herbert Dawid (, Silke Schwandt ( and Andreas Zick ( or our Office ( any time.

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