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    Campus der Universität Bielefeld
    Campus der Universität Bielefeld
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In addition to the Principal Investigators of the social science-based Cluster of Excellence initiative "Modes of Navigating Uncertainty and their Societal Effects" (MODUS), more than 30 researchers at Bielefeld University whose work relates to the topic of "Uncertainty" are networked in CeUS. Across the different faculties and disciplines - from chemistry to literary studies - a framework for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange is created.

Adair, Gigi, Prof. Dr.

Akemann, Gernot, Prof. Dr.

Anselmetti, Dario, Prof. Dr.

Bauch, Gerrit

Benlahlou, Adhen, Dr.

Benz, Maximilian, Prof. Dr.

Bozorgmehr, Kayvan, Prof. Dr.

Cholin, Joana, Prof. Dr.

Elliott-Graves, Alkistis, J.-Prof. Dr.

Erbar, Matthias, Prof. Dr.

Esposito, Elena, Prof. Dr.

Ferrari, Giorgio, Prof. Dr.

Flüchter, Antje, Prof. Dr.

Förster, Birte, Dr.

Förster, Manuel, Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Fuchs, Christiane, Prof. Dr.

Gess, Benjamin, Prof. Dr.

Hammer, Barbara, Prof'in Dr.

Hartmann, Jutta, Prof. Dr.

Hecker, Tobias, Prof. Dr.

Herrmann, Berenike, Prof. 'in Dr.

Ippoliti, Roberto, Dr.

Jahnke, Hermann, Prof. Dr.

Kaasch, Alexandra, Prof. Dr.

Kaiser, Marie I., Prof. Dr.

Karos, Dominik, Prof. Dr.

Kaßmann, Moritz, Prof. Dr.

Kohlweyer, Dirk, Dr.

Kramer, Kirsten, Prof. Dr.

Kroh, Martin, Prof. Dr.

Kühne, Simon, Prof. Dr.

Langrock, Roland, Prof. Dr.

Makarewicz, Tomasz Aleksander, J.-Prof. Dr.

Michael, Joachim, Prof. Dr.

Morina, Christina, Prof. Dr.

Nassehi, Armin, Prof. Dr.

Nendel, Max, Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Postoutenko, Kirill, Dr. 

Reinhardt, Carsten, Prof. Dr.

Riedel, Frank, Prof. Dr.

Rohland, Eleonora, Professorin Dr.

Römer, Michael, J.-Prof. Dr.

Roth, Julia, Prof. Dr.

Sandal-Önal, Elif, Dr.

Sanders, Anne, Prof.'in Dr.

Sattler, Sebastian, Dr. 

Schleef, Melina, Dr.

Straßheim, Holger, Prof. Dr.

Stummer, Christian, Prof. Dr.

Tierney, Kevin, Prof. Dr.

Upmann, Thorsten, PD Dr.

Vogel, Ralf, Prof. Dr.

Wachter, Christian, Dr.

Wagner, Petra, Prof. Dr.

Wild, Elke, Prof. Dr.

Wischmeyer, Thomas, Prof. Dr.

Zinn, Jens O., Prof. Dr.

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