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    Peter Prestel


Yes, the Language Center offers modules for Individuelle Egänzung (elective modules) and in this context it is possible to get credit points. Usually you get 5 credits for four lessons[g2] . Each two 5-LP modules of the Language Center can be freely combined to form a module in the elective module. If the examination rules relevant to the degree programme do not stipulate any restrictions, then the 30 credits can be acquired in the elective subjects through language courses.

In our course descriptions the study credits are listed. It is important to keep in mind that the number of credit points is based on the semester hours per week, but also includes workload and self-study.

The language courses are restricted courses. That's why online registration via the eKVV is required. It is important that you participate in the online needs assessment via your online registration in the eKVV, so that the room distribution can be planned realistically.

After that comes the obligatory registration, with which you show your definite interest in courses. You can also give priority if you specify several courses. Pay attention to the specified conditions.
Under the following link you can retrieve the curriculum calendar at the university. Only check whether you are admitted shortly before the start of the semester.

Attention! For the languages English, French and Spanish it is necessary to attend a placement test (C-Test) if you have not successfully completed a course with us or if your last course visit is more than 3 semesters back.


These are the designations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A  information can be found here.

Learning starts with A1, C2 marks a (near) mother-tongue level. Depending on the complexity of the language and starting prerequisites, the levels are again segmented into parts, e.g. A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2.

For English, French and Spanish we offer a language placement (C-Test). Taking this language placement is required if you have not successfully completed a course with us or if your last course visit was more than three semesters ago. The test usually takes 30 minutes. Current dates to take the C-test can be found here.

The sooner you take the test, the sooner you avoid waiting times and it will make your organization easier.

No. Just register in beginner course(A1) on eKVV.

No, there is no need. The result of the C-Test remains valid for three semesters.
No, as long as the course you have attended was no longer than three semesters ago, this is not necessary.

A) For all courses (except the beginners courses) the following conditions apply:

Either a prerequisite course has been successfully completed or a placement test has been done in English, French or and Spanish. Those who do not satisfy at least one of the previous conditions cannot take part in a course. For the other languages, students have to speak with the respective lecturer about the appropriate level.

B) To register for courses:

  1. Priority 1 will be considered first.
  2. The following special groups have priority in the course registration: Europe Intensive, DaF, Linguistics and Text Technology (in the relevant languages). The nomination for participation takes place in the respective department,; an eKVV registration is required in any case.
  3. Older matriculation numbers have priority.
  4. Master- and doctoral students have priority over Bachelor students.
  5. Main students have priority.

If you have questions related to the language classes please contact the appropriate coordinators.

If you have questions related to the allocation of places please contact Mr. Heye Voss

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