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Research Profiles of the Working Groups

Maintaining and promoting health is one of the most important challenges facing society. Findings from public health research help quantify health risks and develop evidence-based ways to promote health and prevent disease.

The Faculty of Public Health is rising to this challenge. It sees itself as a professional school of public health, which means that it focuses primarily on conducting problem-oriented basic research. It is thus an innovative faculty that does not work as a monodisciplinary research unit but adopts an interdisciplinary and problem-oriented approach. This results from the nature of “health” as research subject, which eludes a monodisciplinary approach in both the analysis and the understanding of necessary interventions. Based on this interdisciplinary culture, the Faculty analyzes and addresses pressing public health challenges. These include, for example, demographic change, which is accompanied by a growing burden of chronic diseases and the consequent need for long-term care, the continuing inequality in access to healthcare and in health opportunities nationally and internationally, or the analysis of health effects and implications against the background of the progressive differentiation and diversification of society (e.g. through migration).

These and similar societal problems set the framework for the Faculty's research orientation. The research interest lies in analysis, firstly, of the physical, psychological and social initial conditions and causes of health and illness in different population groups and, secondly, of the resulting consequences for care systems, health policy, health management and health system design. In their analyses, the researchers draw on various theoretical, paradigmatic and methodological approaches from the heterogeneous reference disciplines of public health. Of particular relevance for the Faculty of Public Health’ research is the combination of disciplines from the biomedical and the social-behavioral traditions of thought.

Fields of Activity:

  • Health System and Health Policy in Germany
  • International Comparison of Health Systems
  • Europeanization of Health Policy
  • Health Promotion in the Working Environment

Website of the AG 1

  • Global Health
  • Policy-related evidence
  • Health inequalities and determinants of health
  • Anti-microbial resistance and antibiotic stewardship
  • Migration, Escape and Health
  • Burden of disease
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Website of the AG 2

  • Migration, Escape and Health
  • International Public Health
  • Social Epidemiology
  • Health Reporting
  • Methods of Epidemiology

Website of the AG 3

  • Young Persons’ Health
  • Health Communication
  • Gender Health
  • Evaluation and Quality Development in Prevention and Health Promotion

Website of the AG 4

Fields of Activity:

  • Economic Evaluation of Health Care Interventions
  • Quality of Life Research and Preference Measurement
  • Health Services Research, with a Focus on the Use of Primary and Secondary Data
  • E-Health
  • Demography

Website of the AG 5

  • Salutogenetic thematic fields of environment and health
  • CityLandscape & Health
  • Pathogenetic thematic fields Health effects of wind turbines
  • Climate change and health
  • Environmental burdens of disease/ environmental burdens of disease
  • Infection protection and prevention/ multidrug-resistant pathogens
  • Inclusion/ Participation Research
  • Gender and health
  • E-health and telemedicine

Website of the AG 7

Research Units

The Institute for Nursing Science was founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting the expansion of nursing science and research at the university level. The IPW is an affiliated institute of Bielefeld University and is financially supported by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia NRW.

Website of the IPW

The professorship of rehabilitative care research is funded by several sponsors. The professorship is currently being filled.

In the Centre for ePublic Health Research at the Faculty of Public Health, research and teaching focus on topics related to digitalization in health promotion, prevention and care.

Website of the Centre for ePublic Health Research

Research groups

DFG-research group PH-LENS

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